History of the Realm timeline

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Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you a piece of lore to read and keep (some of us are printing it and putting it up on the wall). This timeline contains all the main events in the Realm’s history and you can download it here (12,9 Mb). Enjoy!

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8 replies on “History of the Realm timeline”

  1. Casie

    This way, you can also determine which aspect anyone still need to strengthen on.

  2. It was very nice to connect a lot of enemies together and to learn about how things serve/don’t serve the realm. This lore made the game more enjoyable for me! Thank you Deca games. -Avid rotmg player and fan.

  3. DatEati

    This is a very neat and well organized timeline. I really enjoyed reading through the entire thing. It was informative and comical. Some lore in the realm has a hard time fitting in with other events, but the whole thing came together very nicely.

  4. Michael Ni

    So excited for MotMG! Wishing DECA staff a productive and joyful day!

    Michael Ni, avid RoTMG fan (IGN Petrazxal)


    Wow, what a great work. Beautifully done! What a pleasure reading it and I do hope it will be continued soon!! Thank you for constantly growing up, DECA!!!!!

  6. kekwguy


  7. Bobby Joe

    Glad to see the lore getting some love.

  8. Bunny


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