Upcoming Content and Harassment Policy

Development Update

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood

Greetings! This has been quite a MotMG, but we’re not done yet! Halloween activities are approaching, and we have one more big release planned afterwards before transitioning from MotMG to the final stretch of 2020.… Read more “Upcoming Content and Harassment Policy”

High Tech Terror Previews

Development Update
Incredible art by Saturn!

High Tech Terror will be out very soon in a special release early next week! Until then, we’ve given our content creators a special preview to share with everyone! Below we’ve included a few videos from our partnered content creators to give you a taste of what’s to come in this fearsome fight with the F.E.R.A.L.… Read more “High Tech Terror Previews”

Fame Bonus Rework Info

Development Update

Welcome! As MotMG continues, we are getting closer to releasing the XP/fame bonus rework! As we promised earlier, we want to give a clear and thorough heads up regarding the exact bonuses being added, changed, and removed, allowing you to kill off characters you may have created specifically for fame and be better prepared for the new kinds of stats you’ll be rewarded for.… Read more “Fame Bonus Rework Info”

MotMG Reconstruction Trailer

Development Update

We’re so excited about what we’re sharing today that we want to skip straight to the point!

MotMG Trailer

Month of the Mad God begins September 23, and this year we are absolutely jam-packing it with content! The headliner this time around is Reconstruction, as we enhance and modernize some of the game’s oldest content and features.… Read more “MotMG Reconstruction Trailer”

Reconstruction and Art Contest

Development Update

This week has had no shortage of announcements! As Month of the Mad God draws closer each day, we want to specifically bring extra attention to our latest teaser, as well a long-awaited contest.

Month of the Mad God: Reconstruction

This year’s theme for MotMG is Reconstruction!… Read more “Reconstruction and Art Contest”

Vital Combat & Exaltation Talk

Development Update

Month of the Mad God is on the way! It may be starting later in the year than usual, but in the second half of September, the biggest and most game-changing MotMG to date will begin! There’s plenty we haven’t even revealed quite yet, but plenty more that we are now ready for you to get your hands on for a public testing session!… Read more “Vital Combat & Exaltation Talk”

End of Flash Date

Producer's Letter

With RotMG Exalt out of beta and continuing to receive more ambitious updates, the legacy Flash client has become not only obsolete, but also a hindrance in the introduction of our new features. Maintaining the Flash client is also creating extra overhead for our development team and those resources can be better spent on new features.… Read more “End of Flash Date”