Sprite Spoilers and Valentine Winners

Hello curious Realmers,

We came here today to share a few new sprites with you, made by our talented UGC friends. I’m sure it’ll be pretty easy to guess where are they going… but, can you guess their actual names? (There are a few hints in this post… but some things might have been put there to throw you off scent…).… Read more “Sprite Spoilers and Valentine Winners”


Getting started creating pixel art – part 2/2

Guestpost written by Poshun, inspired by his RealmEye tutorial
Read the first part here

In our previous article about spriting for Realm of the Mad God, we went over some commonly used terminology, software you can use to draw and render sprites, as well as briefly explain how sprite sheets are laid out for use in Realm.… Read more “Getting started creating pixel art – part 2/2”