What will the new class ability be?

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Hello Realmers,

Without further ado: We are reconstructing Sprite World and Deadwater Docks and releasing a new class this Spring: Summoner. Excited? So are we! Can you guess the name of the its ability?

Plus, we will open our testing servers once again this weekend. If you want to join, you can go to test.realmofthemadgod.com download and install the client from there, either if you’re on Windows or Mac (Please note that Steam users will not be able to join).

We would like to give you direct access to O3, but this testing session purpose is to test the load the servers can take, and for this, we need normal behaviour… This being said, if you are willing, we need you to do the normal realm loop. Of course, there will be partnered testers and mods from DECA there to help out and speed up the process. 

Once you have the client, please select Testing on the top right hand corner. If you have not created an account on testing you’ll need to create a new one. This point on, is business as usual and you’ll be joining us. Remember, your testing account is completely independent from your real account!

And please DO NOT expect to find the new class, nor the reworked dungeons on this build we are testing. They are not ready for public testing yet, although they’re in a pretty advanced state. 

Thank you, and stay safe. 

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