Hotfixes, Mysteries and Events

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Oh oh oh Realmers,

It’s almost Oryxmas. For some, it’s Christmas. For others, Yule, or all the other festivities that are celebrated this time of the Year. For us.. It’s fixing time.

We’ve been working on the issues that came out the latest release,  and this patch comes to solve the following: 

  • You could not fully zoom out of the minimap
  • In O3 runs, if the three runes were not activated at the same time, the system that would return them to bags after a user tried to use them was not working.
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Oryxmas is here! – Patch Notes

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Merry Oryxmas, Realmers!

The Oryxmas season is here in full force! In our largest update since MotMG, we’ve got a Santa’s bag worth of new content to share. The expansive and long-awaited Item Forge, enhanced consumable usage with Quick Slots, three completely remade dungeons, a brand new Cube God dungeon, new godlands foes, a festive campaign for the holiday season, and more still!… Read more “Oryxmas is here! – Patch Notes”

Oryx ate a Chocolate: you can stop cooking

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Hey, Realmers!

Remember this post, where we setup the advent calendar for this week? Well… Oryx kind of took a bite out too early and we needed to postpone the start by one day.

Not convincing enough, right… well the truth is… that we had to postpone it due to technical difficulties with the upcoming release.… Read more “Oryx ate a Chocolate: you can stop cooking”

What’s Cookin’?

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Hello hungry Realmers,

Oryxmas is approaching and it’s time to feast! Have you ever wondered what’s in the Superburger? On the Power Pizza? And what exactly is contained in an Atomic Taco? What is the Oryx Cookie even made of? (And please don’t make jokes about Ambrosia…)

This time we are not talking about Item Forge.Read more “What’s Cookin’?”

Introducing The Third Dimension

Development Update

Last weekend’s public testing sure was an eventful one! We’ve been reading every last bit of feedback, from quick slots to item forge to the reconstructed dungeons. Among this testing session was a brand new dungeon: The Third Dimension, created by Aurum from our UGC group.… Read more “Introducing The Third Dimension”

Friday News: PT & all about Item Forge

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Hello Realmers,

Hoping that the AMA session we had yesterday was useful. Please remember to follow our instagram account @Rotmg_exalt. There are certain things we are only going to share with you there. 

Here’s what you may find on today’s Public Testing session:

  • Item Forge
  • The Blacksmith
  • The interface
  • Crafting items
  • Fireforge
  • Blueprints
  • Oryxmas campaign
  • Jack Frost
  • Reconstructed Dungeons
  • New Third Dimension Dungeon by Aurum (don’t miss the post about this one on Monday)…
  • …and more!
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Reconstruction Teasers

Development Update

A little while back, we revealed that our efforts to remake some of the game’s most outdated content would continue beyond MotMG, with our next batch focusing on The Crawling Depths, Woodland Labyrinth, Deadwater Docks, Sprite World, and Toxic Sewers. Three of these are drawing near to their release!… Read more “Reconstruction Teasers”

Getting started creating pixel art – part 2/2

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Guestpost written by Poshun, inspired by his RealmEye tutorial
Read the first part here

In our previous article about spriting for Realm of the Mad God, we went over some commonly used terminology, software you can use to draw and render sprites, as well as briefly explain how sprite sheets are laid out for use in Realm.… Read more “Getting started creating pixel art – part 2/2”