Order or Discord? A Story of War VI

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Hello Realmers,

Today we are excited to be announcing the bonus program “Story of War VI.” At the end of the post, you’ll also be able to see July’s login calendar.

We are sure most of you are already familiar with how the Story of War goes, but we will explain it anyway:

The bonus program is a time-limited event that can be accessed in the Shop. It allows players to collect Bonus Points with gold they spend in the Shop (or by directly boosting it via the Boost button) and claim Bonus Rewards. You can collect BP by purchasing Mystery Boxes, Packages, and Items in the Nexus and Cloth Bazar areas with Realm gold. 

Please note that slot unlockers and name changing do not count for the bonus program. Fame purchases do not count, either.

Just like with “Story of War V”,  Avarice Medallions will have an option to reward the Mini Skin, and in two neat quests at the Tinkerer, you’ll be able to swap a duplicate mini skin for a new Mystery ST Crate of the same class.

To sum-up:

  • Start: June 29th, 2021
  • End: July 15th, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Grace Period: until July 19th, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Quests at the Tinkerer: until July 19th, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC

The ones beyond the realm’s eyes, the Daeva, have been witnessed for the first time in generations. As reticent as ever, their exact goals are unclear. But there is no doubt that they would not reveal themselves if not for sensing some great disruption in the order of the realm.

That disruption is surely related to a more unnerving sight in recent days: Corrupted paladins, wholly subject to the whims of the lingering evil the realm’s heroes know all too well. These twisted entities have rejected the holy nature of paladins and embraced a far more malicious force. Powerful, yes, but such strength never comes without consequence.

RanksBonus rewardTotal PointsTier Points
11 x War STory Chest12001200
21 x War STory Chest24001200
31 x War STory Chest36001200
41 x War STory Chest48001200
51 x War STory Chest62001400
61 x War STory Chest76001400
72 x War STory Chest90001400
81 x Avarice Medallion106001600
91 x War STory Chest136003000
103 x War STory Chest166003000
113 x War STory Chest208004200
122 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion260005200
134 x War STory Chest326006600
143 x War STory Chest362003600
152 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion416005400
166 x War STory Chest486007000
172 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion531004500
185 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion620008900
19Corrupted Paladin Set + Mini Skin7250010500
20Daeva Fighter Trickster Set + Mini Skin8300010500

July Login Calendar

This is what you’ll get on July’s Login Calendar:

  • 2x Loot Tier Potion
  • 2x Backpack
  • 1x XP Booster
  • 1x Adventurer’s Belt
  • 1x Lucky Clover
  • 1x Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • 1x Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • 1x Common Humanoid Egg
  • 1x Power Pizza
  • 1x Chest Coupon x 1
  • 2x Backpack
  • 1x Greater Sulphur
  • 10x Mystery Stat Pot
  • 1x Shard of the Advisor x35
  • 1x Char Slot Coupon x 1
  • 1x Grapes of Wrath
  • 1x Chest Coupon x 1
  • 1x Crystal of Fortune x20
  • 1x Mystery ST Shard x5
  • 2x Adventurer’s Belt
  • 1x Superburger
  • 1x Epic Mystery Skin
  • 1x Epic Quest Chest Item
  • 1x Double Cheeseburger Deluxe
  • 1x Mystery ST Shard x5
  • 1x Shard of the Advisor x35
  • 1x Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • 1x Mystery ST Shard x5
  • 1x Ambrosia
  • 1x Crystal of Fortune x20
  • 1x Golden Lucky Clover
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