Open testing this Weekend!

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Hello Realmers,

Soooo…cool stuff to try out today on T1. We’re sure that you’ll want to try those new STs, but while you are doing it, pay close attention to the reworked star ranks. And you can do all that while clearing Fungal Cavern, Lost Halls and Third Dimension. These dungeons will have portals in the Nexus so you can go in right away.

Please remember that your regular account will not be enough to access the Testing server. You’ll need one created specifically for testing. If it’s the first time you are entering the testing servers, please create a new one.

Stay tuned to the official Discord announcement channel, because that’s where we will say when the session will begin.

New AeSThetics

Star Ranks

Class Quests are changing! We keep reviewing and adjusting the Fame values and due to the new way of acquiring Fame, Star Ranks got to a point where they were much easier to acquire and thus much less representative of the player’s mastery of the different classes.

We want to change that. We want to make Star Ranks somewhat more aligned with your mastery over a class, and we decided to introduce some important variations to how Class Quests are unlocked:

  • Now Class Quest Stars are unlocked based on the Base Fame (the Fame you obtain while you are alive with a single character, without Fame Bonuses). This means you need to be alive and acquire a big enough amount of Fame with a single character (Bonuses don’t count for this!) to unlock the Class Quests stars.
  • Also, we increased the costs and reviewed them with the current base fame growth rate we observe from our data.

Overall, these are the new Base Fame requirements for each Class Quest star. The requirements are the same for all Classes:

Class Quest StarBefore (Total Fame)Now (Base Fame)
First Star2020
Second Star150500
Third Star4001500
Fourth Star8005000
Fifth Star200015000

These changes will be retroactive, which means that players who don’t meet the criteria might be readjusted to a lower Star Rank. Now, acquiring a White Star will be more challenging and definitely an impressive feat!

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