Open Testing: O3 training grounds!


This weekend we are opening the gates of the Sanctuary and placing them in the Nexus (of the testing server) for you to practice your O3s. Why practice? Because next week, starting on Tuesday, the 11th, at 12 PM UTC, and until the 18th at the same time, you won’t need runes to enter the Sanctuary on production. … Read more “Open Testing: O3 training grounds!”


Testing The Shatters

Hello Realmers,

We are opening the Testing servers to test a few tweaks on The Shatters. This time we need you to join in large groups. Therefore we disabled Key popping: there will be a portal on the Nexus taking you to the dungeon and all the items you can possibly need will be in the store, for free, of course. … Read more “Testing The Shatters”