Open Testing: Kensei and Captcha

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In this testing session, we will look at the new captcha system and the new Fiery Kensei ST set. We also tried to address the few remaining Kensei-related disconnections issues. 

So that you can practice your runs, we have made some boxes with keys available in the shop: Shatters, Lost halls, Fungal Cavern, and Woodland Labyrinth (x1 each limited to 2 boxes per account). You’ll find the ST set there too, as well as the Fiery Kensei Mini Skin. 

Remember that you’ll need to download the Testing Launcher so that you can join this session. Also, as usual, your regular production account won’t work here. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to create a Testing one. And don’t forget to remove it when you are finished testing. Doing so will avoid issues with the actual production launcher when we update the game.

Here are the updated tooltips for the Fiery Kensei ST Set:

If you are curious about what changed, check here how it was before the adjustments were made.

And the Fiery Kensei mini Skin:

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