Explaining the changes to the star system

Hello Realmers,

With the latest update, we made a few changes to how the Star System works. Today we release a small fix to that update. But the essential is that we have changed the way Fame is calculated.

The amount of Fame is recalculated and you might note some differences from the previous formula.… Read more “Explaining the changes to the star system”


The Shattered Kingdom Event

(From June, 6th to June, 16th)

Hail to our land of providence strong

A home to all heritage and trades

Hail to the allies who join us in song

May the realm never need to draw blades

Hail to the rulers of benevolent kind

Their wisdom through all lands renowned

And hail to the kingdom of faultless design

Shall it evermore serve the crowned

Greetings, Realmers.… Read more “The Shattered Kingdom Event”


Patch – Security update

Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you the equivalent to seatbelts in cars. Well, better than seatbelts because you can see those. We are making security improvements. Like we said before, we have the whole team committed to fixing the issue that caused the weekend exploits and will be releasing a fix for it soon.… Read more “Patch – Security update”