Open Testing: LOADED

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

This week the open testing is LOADED with new stuff that you can try out for the first time. Not sure what we mean by LOADED? This is what you can expect:

  • Fix for the Kensei disconnections
  • The Shatters speedup
  • Mountain Temple Rework
  • Lair of Draconis Rework
  • Fiery Kensei Set
  • Bow Rework
  • Katana Rework
  • Item rebalance
  • Favorite pet functionality added

Please note that you’ll need to download the Testing Launcher so that you can join this session. Also, as usual, your regular production account won’t work here. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to create a Testing one. And don’t forget to remove it when you are finished testing. Doing so will avoid issues with the actual production launcher when we update the game.

The Shatters Speedup

We have decided to alter The Shatters to cut down on the time needed to complete it. We have done that trying to keep the essence of the dungeon, but focusing on the Castle section, which was the part that received the most feedback and also what our data indicated could benefit the most from a completion time reduction. We also wanted to improve the Dungeon’s balance towards solo players. Overall, we aimed for Shatters to have a very significant speed up thanks to these changes, which we detail here:

  • Payload waypoints in each wing cut from 7 to 4.
  • Payload speed increased and player detection distance increased
  • Waypoint health and scaling reduced
  • Enemy density in castle reduced
  • Archmage can now take 15% of its max health per stagger, up from 12.5% (Should take fewer bird phases to complete with high enough DPS)
  • Slightly reduced invulnerability times in the Archmage fight
  • Tendril armor pierce shots during King’s Desperation Move lowered to 45 damage
  • Desperation Move Shade purple shots lowered to 70 damage, red shots lowered to 100

Favorite pet

This QoL change will allow you to mark a pet as “favorite” by clicking on the little icon next to its name in the Pet Menu (go to Pet Yard and talk to the Yard Caretaker).

A “favorited” pet will auto-follow your character when you create a new character.

Mountain Temple & Lair of Draconis Rework

We welcome you to try the new and improved versions of Mountain Temple and Lair of Draconis! Both dungeons have been based on the existing content, but have had some art tweaks and many QoL enhancements. All LoD fights and the general flow of the dungeon have been altered to be more time-efficient, decreasing idle times and fixing several bugs in the fights that disrupted the flow of the battle. 

In the case of Mountain Temple, besides a general revision of minion design including more QoL changes, the Daichi boss fight has been completely reworked from scratch; so we also hope you will find the changes interesting and more adequate to modern Realm’s standards.

We hope you give them a try and let us know what you think!

Fiery Kensei Set

Bow Rework

In accordance with our vision for Bow rework, we have decided to alter fundamentally how bows work. Tiered Bows now will shoot a central, powerful shot (“Main” in the table); alongside two side arrows (“Side” in the table) which can armor pierce. Non-tiered Bows have also received balancing changes.

Changes to Tiered Bows:

TierMain MinMain MaxAvg DamageSide MinSide MaxSide Avg

Changes to UT Bows

NameMinMaxAvgNum ShotRoFExtra
Bramble Bow304537.531.2
Coral Bow70908021.25arc gap decreased to 9
Doom Bow50060055010.33
Leaf Bow120175147.511.4
Thousand Shot6513097.512
Bow of the Void175250212.511.05
Warmonger95110102.521.2Dex proc -10

Changes to ST Bows

NameMinMaxAvgNum ShotRoF
Nectar Crossfire125(60)135(60)47.5(60)1(1)1
Bergenia Bow160195177.511
Deathless Crossbow170205187.511

Katana Rework

We are also changing Katanas to be more in line with our vision for them.
DPS is measured at 0 defense with 75 ATT/50 Dex

Changes to Tiered Katanas

TierNameDamageAvgShotsRate of FireDPS% buff
0Rusty Katana30-7552.511612.59.52%
1Kendo Stick35-8057.511670.83333338.70%
2Plain Katana40-8562.511729.16666678.00%
3Thunder Katana50-907011816.66666677.14%
4Line Kutter Katana60-9577.511904.16666676.45%
5Night Edge60-1108511991.66666675.88%
6Sky Edge80-11597.5111137.55.13%
7Buster Katana95-130112.5111312.56.67%
8Demon Edge100-155127.5111487.55.88%
9Jewel Eye Katana105-170137.5111604.1666675.45%

Changes to UT Katanas

UTVoid Blade600-75067510.32362.53.70%
UTDoku No ken125-15514011.219603.57%
UTCelestial Blade200-2202101124500.00%
UTBlade of the Asssailiant125-180152.2511.252220.31254.00%
UTCandy Katana125-170147.511.252151.0416675.08%
UTRay katana15015011.119256.67%

Changes to ST Katanas

STQuartz Cutter75-9082.530.823105.45%
STSaif of the Deep65-8072.540.72368.3333333.45%

Item Rebalance

Soulcursed Scythe

  • Chains do armor piercing damage.

Penetrating Blast Spell :

  • Projectile count reduced to 6, damage increased, shots now circle their spawn location really fast. Projectiles pass cover.
  • 60-90 damage – > 300-400 damage

Tome of Holy Furor

  • Mp cost reduced to 110

Tideturner Trident:

  • arc gap reduced to 6; 4.76 true range


  • Range buffed to 4.75
  • Arc gap removed
  • Amplitude 0.3 -> 0.5
  • Frequency 1.7 -> 1

Daybreak Chakram:

  • Mp drain reduced to 20 mp/s.

Incubation Mace

  • Num shots reduced to 3

Helm of the Swift Bunny:

  • Removed CD

Jade Storm Spell

  • Mp cost reduced to 125

Every T14 Weapon: 

  • Fame bonus for weapons now starts at T7, meaning t14 now has an 8% fame bonus.

Shadow Serpent Sidearm

  • + 50 HP, +5 Vit

Pirate King’s Cutlass :

  • Removed def down

Draconis Potion:

  • Energized instead of invisible

Midnight star:

  • Damage buffed to 600-900

Fire Dragon Battle Armor + Eggre Battle Armor

  • DoT increased to 1000 from 500.

Experimental ring

  • HP/MP reduced by 10, def reduced by 1 (60/60/4/4 -> 50/50/3/4)

Candy Coated Armor:

  • Dex reduction is now only 5 instead of 10.

Centaurs Shielding

  • Def increased to 13 from 10.

Celestial blade:

  • Made shot pattern less annoying

Archangels judgment

  • Min damage increased by 5

Honeytomb Snare

  • Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds from 6 seconds.

Murky Toxin

  • Decreased DoT time to three seconds from 4 seconds on both impacts.
  • Increased outer impact range to 5 from 4.
  • Increased inner impact range to 2.5 from 2

Pharaoh’s Requiem

  • Tossed to cursor instead of spawned on the player.

Shrieking / Spinal quiver

  • Reduced MP cost to 90.

Seal of Cubic Conundra

  • +50 hp + 3def on equip(initially had no bonus stats)

Seraphim’s Guard

  • +15 def on equip (13 ->15)

Queen’s Stinger

  • Min damage buffed by 25

Crystalline Kunai

  • Activate now shoots the kunai as well
  • Proc cooldown: 2 -> 4
  • Damage: 550 -> 350
  • Armor pierce added

Demon blade / Sword of Illumination 

  • Arc gap 40 -> 25

Cnidaria Rod

  • Damage: 150 -> 120
  • Damage per wis: 4 -> 10
  • Base Targets: 5 -> 4
  • Wis per target: 10 -> 5

Cloak of Refraction

  • Decoy duration: 2.5 -> 4
  • Cloak duration: 5.5 -> 4
  • Now spawns 2 summons that orbit the decoy shooting shots that deal 200-300 damage every 0.2 seconds

Virulent Venom

  • Damage: 650 -> 700
  • Mana cost: 105 -> 100


  • Decoy size reduced slightly

Tyrant’s toxin

  • Initial grenade throw time reduced: 1.2 -> 0.8
  • (clusters still take as long to land)

Spider eye ring

  • Proc chance: 5% -> 100%
  • Wis replaced with Def

Spirit / Foramite Staff

  • Damage: 30-70 -> 35 -75
  • Fire rate: 1.65 -> 1.6
  • Amplitude: 0.8 -> 0.7

Matrix armors

  • Proc threshold: 75hp -> 20% hp

Soul of the Bearer / Orb of Sabbath

  • Removed CD

Virtuous Wakizashi (T7)

  • Nerf min damage by 100

Mantle of Monarchy

  • Gives 10 def for 5 seconds offshoot while incombat, cooldown

Cloak of Cubic Enigma

  • Added new animation for the minion

Candy Katana

  • Amplitude reduced to .55


  • Dex proc -15 -> -10

Coral bow

  • Arc gap 10 -> 9


  • Time to explode 1.4 – > 0.8
  • Damage 900-850 -> 750 – 800
  • Range 3.5 -> 3.0


  • Att proc -15 -> -10
  • Projectile speed 16.5 -> 19.4
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