Update 2.3 – Elemental Easter

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

The newest update to Realm is coming today! New exciting things are coming to Realm. Two dungeons long in need of a touch-up — the Mountain Temple and Lair of Draconis — are finally hitting the live game with many great gameplay changes, we hope you enjoy the experience these refreshed dungeons will now bring! Another long-awaited change is a rework to Bows, try them out in-game and let us know what you think of them in the blog comments. Let’s not forget about the two new campaigns we are bringing into the game. Elemental Easter is coming with a big event schedule, make sure to check out the overview down below.

Water, Air, Fire, Earth. The Masters followed a strict routine that trained the mind and body in conjunction with the Elements. This training method, never completely forgotten but lost to the waves of time, is now resurfacing again thanks to the inspiration provided by the Masters who have reunited after centuries of adventures.

The carefree friend of Flames. The voice who calls the Storms. The guardian and nurturer of the Earth. The sword that bends the Ocean waves.

Together, the four masters have brought ancient knowledge back to the Nexus heroes, and taught them to use their weapons, and more importantly their minds, in a focused, enhanced manner.

While the Four had a common cause in helping the Heroes improve their prowess, they took a peculiar interest in the Kensei, Summoner, and Bard, bestowing them with ancient artifacts and the knowledge to use them. Those artifacts had long-awaited for the Heroes worthy of using them to appear and now, they shine as bright as the motivation of those who will take them into battle


We prepared two campaigns for all of you to enjoy! The first one, Nature’s Upheaval, starts today and will get the festive mood going. Nature’s Upheaval will end on April 11, 12 PM UTC but will have a Grace period until April 13, 12 PM UTC during which you can claim rewards, but not points.

The second campaign is called Elemental Equinox and starts on April 13, 12PM UTC and lasts until April 26, 12 PM UTC. The Grace period lasts until April 28, 12 PM UTC.

Find out more about how to receive campaign points and what kind of rewards we have in place for you, down below.

Nature’s Upheaval

Elemental Equinox

How to get Campaign Points:

Forbidden Jungle11x Catalyst of Air
Sprite World255x Catalyst of Air
Undead Lair306x Catalyst of Air
Cursed Library306x Catalyst of Air
The Shatters: Archmage408x Catalyst of Air
The Machine5511x Catalyst of Air
Parasite Chambers5511x Catalyst of Air
Cube God5511x Catalyst of Air
Skull Shrine5511x Catalyst of Air
Untaris6012x Catalyst of Air
Third Dimension6012x Catalyst of Air
Haunted Cemetery7014x Catalyst of Air
High Tech Terror7014x Catalyst of Air
The Void8016x Catalyst of Air
Garnet Statue253x Catalyst of Fire
Jade Statue303x Catalyst of Water, 3x Catalyst of Air
Gemsbok5010x Catalyst of Earth
Leucoryx5010x Catalyst of Air
Beisa5010x Catalyst of Fire
Dammah5010x Catalyst of Water
Mountain Temple552x Catalyst of Earth
3x Catalyst of Fire
3x Catalyst of Water3x Catalyst of Air
Rock Dragon553x Catalyst of Earth
3x Catalyst of Fire
2x Catalyst of Water3x Catalyst of Air
Oryx’s Castle703x Catalyst of Earth
5x Catalyst of Fire
3x Catalyst of Water3x Catalyst of Air
Janus703x Catalyst of Earth
3x Catalyst of Fire
3x Catalyst of Water5x Catalyst of Air
Lair of Draconis703x Catalyst of Earth
5x Catalyst of Fire
3x Catalyst of Water3x Catalyst of Air
Avatar of the Forgotten King703x Catalyst of Earth
3x Catalyst of Fire
3x Catalyst of Water5x Catalyst of Air
Wine Cellar804x Catalyst of Earth
4x Catalyst of Fire
4x Catalyst of Water4x Catalyst of Air
Oryx 31005x Catalyst of Earth
5x Catalyst of Fire
5x Catalyst of Water5x Catalyst of Air
Forest Maze11x Catalyst of Earth
Spider Den11x Catalyst of Earth
Snake Pit255x Catalyst of Earth
Ancient Ruins255x Catalyst of Earth
Fungal Cavern255x Catalyst of Earth
Toxic Sewers306x Catalyst of Earth
Cave of A Thousand Treasures408x Catalyst of Earth
Belladonna’s Garden5511x Catalyst of Earth
Woodland Labyrinth5511x Catalyst of Earth
Grand Sphinx5511x Catalyst of Earth
Crystal Worm Father5511x Catalyst of Earth
Crystal Cavern5511x Catalyst of Earth
Biff the Buffed Bunny5511x Catalyst of Earth
Katalund6012x Catalyst of Earth
Battle for the Nexus6012x Catalyst of Earth
Tomb of the Ancients7014x Catalyst of Earth
Secluded Thicket7014x Catalyst of Earth
The Hive11x Catalyst of Fire
The Shatters: Sentinel204x Catalyst of Fire
Manor of the Immortals306x Catalyst of Fire
Puppet Master’s Theatre306x Catalyst of Fire
Abyss of Demons306x Catalyst of Fire
The Shatters: King357x Catalyst of Fire
The Crawling Depths5511x Catalyst of Fire
Oryx’s Chamber5511x Catalyst of Fire
LH Lost Sentry5511x Catalyst of Fire
Malogia6012x Catalyst of Fire
Lair of Shaitan7014x Catalyst of Fire
Puppet Master’s Encore7014x Catalyst of Fire
Killer Bee Nest7014x Catalyst of Fire
The Nest7014x Catalyst of Fire
Lost Halls8016x Catalyst of Fire
Pirate Cave11x Catalyst of Water
Magic Woods255x Catalyst of Water
Candyland Hunting Grounds306x Catalyst of Water
Mad Lab306x Catalyst of Water
Davy Jones’ Locker5511x Catalyst of Water
Ice Cave5511x Catalyst of Water
Ocean Trench5511x Catalyst of Water
Lord of the Lost Lands5511x Catalyst of Water
Ghost Ship5511x Catalyst of Water
Hermit God408x Catalyst of Water
Ice Tomb5511x Catalyst of Water
Forax6012x Catalyst of Water
Deadwater Docks6012x Catalyst of Water
Cnidarian Reef7014x Catalyst of Water
Cultist Hideout8016x Catalyst of Water

Free Packs

Nature’s Upheaval Free Pack will be available for free from today until the 3rd of April 08:00:00 UTC.

The pack will include:

  • “Vault Chest Unlocker“ x1 
  • “Air Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Water Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Fire Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Earth Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Candy of Extreme Mana“ x1 
  • “Candy of Extreme Speed“ x1 
  • “Candy of Extreme Vitality“ x1 
  • “Candy of Extreme Wisdom“ x1 
  • “Mystery Stat Pot“ x15
  • “Roast Biff“ x1 

“Elemental Equinox Free Pack” will be available for free from the 13th of April 08:00:01 UTC until the 18th of April 08:00:00 UTC

The pack will include:

  • “Vault Chest Unlocker“ x1 
  • “Air Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Water Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Fire Catalyst x20“ x1
  • “Earth Catalyst x20“ x1 
  • “Candy of Extreme Attack“ x1 
  • “Candy of Extreme Defense“ x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Dexterity“ x1
  • “Candy of Extreme Life“ x1
  • “Mystery Stat Pot“ x20
  • “Hot Cross Buns“ x1

Elemental reskins

Amulet of Elemental Earth


…our Mother and our Essence and our livelihood… we would now seek its full potential.

+10 DEF, 6% XP bonus

Amulet of Elemental Fire


…a driving force, indeed the driving force of nature and of civilization, would drive us once again to…

+10 ATT, 6% XP bonus

Amulet of Elemental Air


We sought to ape its astonishing force, to reproduce it in our environment…

+10 DEX, 6% XP bonus

Amulet of Elemental Water


…the principle of things that are, Water could take all forms that make up our world, and we harnessed it…

+10 VIT, 6% XP bonus

Elemental Equilibrium


Within this relic, all elements swirl in perfect equilibrium. What would otherwise unleash cataclysmic disaster holds together in immaculate arcane homeostasis. We would surpass it.

Fury of Flame and Storm: Gain +5 attack and dexterity while attacking if your health is above 90% Max HP

Perseverance of Land and Water: Gain +5 defense and +15 vitality for 10 seconds when taking damage below 60% Max HP

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Passive: +80 HP +80 MP


Celestial Blade reskin


Our elder would look upon the storms and pondered on how a thing with no substance could leave but desolation in its wake.


Sadamune reskin


And the Great Wave bore upon our dwellings, flushing us and our beasts and our tools… but one remained, and he held aloft his blade, and summoned to himself the powers that still haunted this place.


Bow of Mystical Energy reskin


What force would do but the very force behind life and movement? No other. This weapon would prove it.


Leaf Bow reskin


She had read the tomes of other races, and she had the wisdom of the Earth. She saw how we must proceed.

Spring Reskins

Cube God, Skull Shrine, Ghost Ship, Grand Sphinx, The Nest and Hermit God have their April Fool’s resprites…

…and Chicken Oryx awaits you in his Chicken Chamber!

Additionally, you’ll find the Avatar of the Forgotten King is also in costume.

New Skins

  • Air Elemental Paladin Skin
  • Young Air Elemental Pet Skin
Air Elemental GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Water Elemental Summoner Skin
  • Young Water Elemental Pet Skin
Water GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin
  • Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin
Fire GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Earth Elemental Knight Skin
  • Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin
Earth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Banana Dance Ninja Skin
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Easter Egg Trickster Skin
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • April Showers Necromancer Skin
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • May Flowers Huntress Skin
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Bunny Attendant Kensei Skin
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Playful Bunny Pet Skin
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Master of the Elements

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

As the Elemental Equinox takes place over the Realm, you can choose to (cosmetically) become the Master of the Elements, an unprecedented Wizard skin with four sets of elemental attack animations or get a new companion in a form of an Elemental Beast, a towering arcane creature of the Elemental Plane. 

But getting them is not easy and requires sacrifice. You will need to merge skins of all four elements in order to obtain one of the Elemental master skins. For Elemental Beast you will be required to complete the “Faithful Beast” quest and use Young Water Elemental Pet Skin, Young Earth Elemental Pet Skin, Fire Elemental Sorcerer Skin and Air Elemental Paladin Skin: four skins that you can get from the free campaigns during the event. If you decide to merge them into a Beast, remember to not unlock those skins before you gather all four, so you are able to exchange them at Tinkerer.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

On the other hand, Master of the Elements Wizard Skin will be available at the Tinkerer in exchange for Water Elemental Summoner Skin, Earth Elemental Knight Skin, Young Fire Elemental Pet Skin, and Young Air Elemental Pet Skin. Those elemental skins will be available in a pack and boxes. In exchange for this merge, besides the amazing Wizard skin, you will also get 100 Crystals of Extreme Fortune as a result.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Easter Event:

Here are the Easter Quests that start now!

NameDescriptionItems NeededRewardType
E.G.G.S.Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account)4x Mark of JanusEternal Graved Great SwordOnce per account
Defend SpritefullyEggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account)4x Mark of JanusSpriteful ShieldOnce per account
Eggregious!Eggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account)4x Mark of the WyvernEggre Battle ArmorOnce per account
Cult of BreakfastEggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account)2x Mark of the MalusTiara of Eggscellent SturdinessOnce per account
Eggad!Eggschange these marks for an eggscellent reward! (Once per account)4x Mark of OryxSunny Side BowOnce per account
Flowery DeliveranceEggschange these marks for an eggscellent reward! (Once per account)5x Mark of the MegamothSakura WakizashiOnce per account
Flower EducationEggschange these marks for an eggscelent reward! (Once per account)5x Mark of RuthvenBotany BookOnce per account
Power of AirThe delight of the wind and the fury of the storm. (Once per account)8x Catalyst of Air x20Amulet of Elemental AirOnce per account
Power of EarthThe rumble of an earthquake and the whisper of the leaves. (Once per account)8x Catalyst of Earth x20Amulet of Elemental EarthOnce per account
Power of FireThe roar of flame and the warmth of the hearth. (Once per account)8x Catalyst of Fire x20Amulet of Elemental FireOnce per account
Power of WaterThe currents of the ocean and the caress of the rains. (Once per account)8x Catalyst of Water x20Amulet of Elemental WaterOnce per account
Elemental EquilibriumThe elements, in one. (Once per account)Amulet of Elemental AirAmulet of Elemental FireAmulet of Elemental EarthAmulet of Elemental WaterElemental EquilibriumOnce per account
Elemental FusionUse Elemental Gems to get an Incubation Mace Blueprint or a skin.2x Catalyst of Air x202x Catalyst of Earth x202x Catalyst of Fire x202x Catalyst of Water x20Elemental GemRepeatable
Master of RabbitsRabbits can be very… impressive. (Once per account)6 x Elemental GemIncubation Mace BlueprintOnce per account
Master of All ElementsBecome the Master of All Elements by exchanging these elemental skins!Water Elemental Summoner SkinEarth Elemental Knight SkinYoung Fire Elemental Pet SkinYoung Air Elemental Pet SkinMaster of the Elements Wizard SkinOnce per account
Elemental PurificationAfter achieving mastery, choose to specialize in one element.8 x Elemental GemYoung Water Elemental Pet SkinYoung Earth Elemental Pet SkinFire Elemental Sorcerer SkinAir Elemental Paladin SkinOnce per account, Item of Choice
Faithful BeastSummon a primeval creature with elemental force.Young Water Elemental Pet SkinYoung Earth Elemental Pet SkinFire Elemental Sorcerer SkinAir Elemental Paladin SkinElemental Beast Pet SkinOnce per account

Spring Bounty

With the arrival of Spring in the northern hemisphere, the temperatures are rising and nights are becoming shorter. For those of you that have been with us for a while, you might already be familiar with the last bounty that we had during Autumn. Well, as the leaves are returning to the trees, so is a Spring version of the bounty coming to Realm.

For those of you that need a refresher. Whenever you make a purchase of select boxes or packs, you will get one or several Spring Gifts, a mystery item that contains many rewards with potentially very high value. Spring Gifts don’t add to the price of the box or pack.

If you get Spring Treasures from the Gift, it will drop one of the treasures for you: Secret Hoard, Backup Stash, Key to Oryx’s Armory, or Mirror of Vanity. You’ll have to reach out to customer support in order to claim the bounties. Please keep in mind that bounties from Secret Hoard or Backup Stash will be added to your account after the end of the program.

Please note that the description of the following items is not correct. You have time to redeem the items until the 14th of May 2022. We are going to correct this error with the next release.

Spring Bounty starts today, March 29th, and will end on May 1st. You will be able to claim your bounties until May 14th.

Spring Gift drops:

  • Spring Treasure
  • Solar Energy Drink
  • Paramount Ore
  • Heart-shaped Chocolate Box 
  • Exalted Mystery Skin
  • Exalted Mystery Pet Skin
  • Paramount Mystery Skin
  • Paramount Mystery Pet Skin
  • Mystery ST Chest
  • Chocolate Bonbon x3
  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x10
  • Superior Mystery Skin
  • Superior Mystery Pet Skin
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x20
  • Superior Ore
  • Chalice of Ambrosia
  • Crystal of Fortune x20
  • Exalted Sulphur
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x10
  • Crystal of Fortune x10
  • Chocolate Bonbon x1 
  • Vial of Pure Ambrosia
  • Force Nildrop
  • Cinder Nildrop
  • Blood Nildrop
  • Moon Nildrop
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x5
  • Crystal of Fortune x5
  • Paramount Sulphur
  • Droplet of Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x3
  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • Greater Ore
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x3
  • Crystal of Fortune x3
  • Char Slot Coupon x 1
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Superior Sulphur
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x2
  • Crystal of Fortune x2
  • Lucky Clover
  • Teal Nildrop
  • Hazel Nildrop
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Amaranth Nildrop
  • Azure Nildrop
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Scarlet Nildrop
  • Beryl Nildrop
  • Chest Coupon x 1
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Backpack
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x1
  • Crystal of Fortune x1
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Basic Ore
  • Rare Mystery Key
  • Minor Teal Nildrop
  • Minor Hazel Nildrop
  • Minor Azure Nildrop
  • Minor Crimson Nildrop
  • Minor Scarlet Nildrop
  • Minor Beryl Nildrop
  • Minor Onyx Nildrop
  • Minor Amaranth Nildrop
  • Basic Sulphur

Mountain Temple

New mod

  • Lantern Light – A tier
    • All Temple lanterns start lit up, allowing the troom to be opened immediately after the boss.


  • General enemy density lowered
  • Corrupted armor can only spawn in Large rooms
  • Mini corrupted armor can spawn without their larger counterpart in most room types
  • Corrupted spawn can now spawn in regular rooms


  • Archers no longer paralyze, instead only slowing
  • Monks shot pattern changes, now inflicting petrify for 0.6 seconds instead of darkness
  • Casters shots boomerang, inflicting curse instead of confuse
  • Corrupted armor quiet changed to silence


  • Full fight rework
  • The fight now focused on fighting 4 elemental spirits that Daichi commands.
  • A lot of excess time has been cut from the fight to speed it up


  • Added an additional rainbow pot
  • Defense potion increased to greater defense
  • Newly added bard and summoner STs moved from Daichi to the Earth and Air spirits respectively.

Lair of Draconis

New mod

  • Soul Boost – A tier
    • All dragons will have their best drop rates as if they were the last boss fought.


  • New portal art
  • New key art
  • Increased drop rates on all loot
  • Greater Potions drop in the place of regular potions.
  • T3 rings, T9 weapons, t10 armors were removed from drop tables.
  • There is now a button to teleport instead of being teleported automatically.
  • Reduced time needed to teleport back to the main room after defeating a dragon.


  • New First phase
  • Crimson souls now choose randomly between orbiting Pyyr or chasing the player so that they all don’t clump together.
  • New finale phase
  • New art for projectiles and lava


  • During the “whack-a-mole” phase, Nikao will stay in each pool a bit longer and jump to a new one every time a damage threshold is reached.
  • Removed the 15% max hp self heal
  • Eggs now spawn 2 souls upon being destroyed instead of one being spawned with the egg and one spawning once cracked.
  • Made Feargus projectile inheritance fairer.
  • New art for blue, green, and red water tiles.


  • New fight structure
  • New finale attack
  • New art for rocks and some projectiles.


  • Eggs now activate sooner
  • Souls are less aggressive
  • Removed extra minion spawning phase between miasma and invisible attack.


  • Removed his final clone phase before death
  • Added anti-decoy measures.

Guaranteed Encounters during Easter

In order to fully enjoy the refreshed Lair of Draconis and Mountain Temple, Rock Dragon and Jade and Garnet statues will spawn in a scripted rather than the usual way:

  • A Rock Dragon spawns once after you kill all Red Demons and a second time Ghost Kings
  • Jade and Garnet Statues spawn after you kill all Cyclops Gods and then after Ent Ancients

Item Balance

Katana rework

  • Katanas have been adjusted to have a more interesting and congruent stat distribution.
TierNameDamageAvgShotsRate of FireDPS% buff
0Rusty Katana30-7552.511612.59.52%
1Kendo Stick35-8057.511670.83333338.70%
2Plain Katana40-8562.511729.16666678.00%
3Thunder Katana50-907011816.66666677.14%
4Line Kutter Katana60-9577.511904.16666676.45%
5Night Edge60-1108511991.66666675.88%
6Sky Edge80-11597.5111137.55.13%
7Buster Katana95-130112.5111312.56.67%
8Demon Edge100-155127.5111487.55.88%
9Jewel Eye Katana105-170137.5111604.1666675.45%
UTVoid Blade600-75067510.32362.53.70%
UTDoku No ken125-15514011.219603.57%
UTCelestial Blade200-2202101124500.00%
UTBlade of the Asssailiant125-180152.2511.252220.31254.00%
UTCandy Katana125-170147.511.252151.0416675.08%
UTRay katana15015011.119256.67%
STQuartz Cutter75-9082.530.823105.45%
STSaif of the Deep65-8072.540.72368.3333333.45%

Bow Rework

  • We are introducing a completely new playstyle for Bows! We hope you enjoy this new change and let us know what you think of it.
  • Some bows like the Crossbow, the Double Bow, and the Heavy Crossbow have been renamed to match their new functions. They will now be called “Hardwood Bow”, “Sharpshooter Bow” and Redwood Bow”.

Tiered Bows:

 New Tiered 
TierMain MinMain MaxAvg DamageSide MinSide MaxSide Avg

UT Bows:

  New UT Bows 
NameMinMaxAvgNum ShotRoF 
Bramble Bow304537.531.2 
Coral Bow70908021.25arc gap decreased to 9
Doom Bow50060055010.33 
Leaf Bow120175147.511.4 
Thousand Shot6513097.512 
Bow of the Void175250212.511.05 

ST Bows:

 Current ST Bows 
NameMinMaxAvgNum ShotRoF
Nectar Crossfire125(60)135(60)47.5(60)1(1)1
Bergenia Bow160195177.511
Deathless Crossbow170205187.511

Other items:

Soulcursed Scythe
  • Chains do armor piercing damage.
Penetrating Blast Spell :
  • Shots: 20 → 6
  • Damage: 60-90 -> 300 400
  • Projectiles pass cover
  • Projectiles circle the target location
Tome of Holy Furor
  • MP cost reduced to 110 from 150
Tideturner Trident:
  • Arc gap reduced from 10 to 6.
  • True range: 2.84 → 4.76 true range
  • Range buffed to 4.75
  • Arc gap removed
  • Amplitude 0.3 -> 0.5
  • Frequency 1.7 -> 1
Daybreak Chakram:
  • MP drain reduced down to 20 MP/s from 40 MP/s
Incubation Mace
  • Shots: 5 → 3
Helm of the Swift Bunny:
  • Removed CD
Jade Storm Spell
  • Mp cost: 175 → 125

Every T14 Weapon: 

  • Fame bonus for weapons now start at T7, meaning t14 now has an 8% fame bonus.
Shadow Serpent Sidearm
  • Now gives + 50 HP, +5 Vit on equip (initially had no bonus stats)
Pirate King’s Cutlass :
  • Def: -2 → 0
Draconis Potion:
  • Energized instead of invisible
Midnight star:
  • Damage increased from 300-600 to 600-900
Fire Dragon Battle Armor + Eggre Battle Armor
  • Damage over time increased from 500 to 1000
Experimental ring
  • HP/MP reduced by 10 (60/60/4/4 -> 50/50/4/4)
Candy Coated Armor:
  • Dex: Defensive reduction reduced from -10 to – 5.
Centaurs Shielding
  • Def: Increased from 10 to 13
Celestial blade:
  • Adjusted shot pattern
Archangels judgment
  • Minimum damage increased from 40 to 45
Honeytomb Snare
  • Cooldown reduced from 6 Seconds to 3 Seconds
Murky Toxin
  • Decreased DoT time to three seconds from 4 seconds on both impacts.
  • Increased outer impact range to 5 from 4.
  • Increased inner impact range to 2.5 from 2
Pharaoh’s Requiem
  • Tossed to cursor instead of spawned on player.
/ Shrieking/Spinal quiver
  • MP cost reduced from 120 to 90
Seal of Cubic Conundra
  • Now adds +50 hp + 3def on equip (initially had no bonus stats)
Seraphim’s Guard
  • DEF: Increased from 13 to 15
Queen’s Stinger
  • Min damage increased from 75 to 100
Crystalline Kunai
  • Activate now shoots the kunai as well
  • Proc cooldown: 2 -> 4
  • Damage reduced from 550 to 350
  • Armor pierce added
/Demon blade / Sword of Illumination 
  • Arc gap reduced from 40 to 25
Cnidaria Rod
  • Damage reduced from 150 to 120
  • Damage per wis increased from 4 to 10
  • Base Targets reduced from  5 to 4
  • Wis per target increased 10 to 5
Cloak of Refraction
  • Decoy duration increased from 2.5 to 4
  • Cloak duration reduced from 5.5 to 4
  • Now spawns 2 summons that orbit the decoy shooting shots that deal 200-300 damage every 0.2 seconds
Virulent Venom
  • Damage increased from 650 to 700
  • Mana cost reduced from 105 to 100
  • Decoy size reduced slightly
Tyrant’s toxin
  • Initial grenade throw time reduced from 1.2 to 0.8
  • (clusters still take as long to land)

Spider eye ring
  • Proc chance increased from 5% to 100%
  • Wis replaced with Def
/ Spirit/Foramite Staff
  • Damage increased from 30-70 to 35 -75
  • Fire rate reduced from 1.65 to 1.6
  • Amplitude reduced from 0.8 to 0.7
/ / Matrix armors
  • Proc threshold changed from 75hp to 20% hp
Virtuous Wakizashi (T7)
  • Min damage reduced from 550 to 450
Mantle of Monarchy
  • Proc effect: Onshoot: While in combat gain energized for 5 seconds (5second cooldown) → Onhit: Gain125 vit for 10 seconds (cooldown 25 seconds)
Cloak of Cubic Enigma
  • Added new animation for the minion
Candy Katana
  • Amplitude reduced from .7 to .55
Coral bow
  • Arc gap reduced from 10 to 9
  • Time to explode reduced from 1.4 to 0.8
  • Damage reduced from 900-850 to 750 – 800
  • Range reduced from 3.5 to 3.0
  • Projectile speed increased from 16.5 to 19.4

The Shatters

Magic. Was it the fifth element, really? Sages wouldn’t agree with it, and it remained a hot debate topic amongst academics. But it never transcended that.

Except for the ones who secretly researched this volatile, almost forbidden element.

Woken up from slumber, the ancient dark spirits once again pledge loyalty to the king whose name nobody remembers. A power darker than themselves. The Forgotten King is somewhat… different? And what is the Archmage doing? Somehow, the Magi inside the Castle is changing. It is adapting, growing in speed and intensity. The dark magic runs through the Castle like blood through the veins of a strong, dark lifeform. How is the Shattered Kingdom changing yet again?

We have decided to alter The Shatters to cut down on the time needed to complete it. We have done that trying to keep the essence of the dungeon, but focusing on the Castle section, which was the part that received the most feedback and also what our data indicated could benefit the most from a completion time reduction. We also wanted to improve the Dungeon’s balance toward solo players. Overall, we aimed for Shatters to have a very significant speed up thanks to these changes, which we detail here:

  • Payload waypoints in each wing cut from 7 to 4.
  • Payload speed increased and player detection distance increased
  • Waypoint health and scaling reduced
  • Enemy density in the castle reduced
  • Archmage can now take 15% of its max health per stagger, up from 12.5% (This should take fewer bird phases to complete with high enough DPS)
  • Slightly reduced invulnerability times in the Archmage fight
  • Tendril armor pierce shots during King’s Desperation Move lowered to 45 damage
  • Desperation Move Shade purple shots lowered to 70 damage, red shots lowered to 100

Favorite Pet feature

This QoL change will allow you to mark a pet as “favorite” by clicking on the little icon next to its name in the Pet Menu (go to Pet Yard and talk to the Yard Caretaker).

A “favorited” pet will auto-follow your character when you create a new character.

Skin Recycling

When you attempt to unlock a skin you already own, you will get a prompt to swap it for Crystals of Fortune. Please note that this does not apply to rank 6 skins, tradeable skins, and no rank skins.  

A popup will appear when you try to consume a skin that you already have in the wardrobe:

  • A notification is shown once the skin has been recycled:
  • Crystals of Fortune are sent to the Gift chest:

Tradeable Skins

The following Skins were made tradable:

  • Kingsman Cavalry Warrior Skin
  • Kingsman Guard Knight Skin
  • Kingsman Armorbearer Paladin Skin
  • Court Wizard Skin
  • Demon Summoner Necromancer Skin
  • Wandering Gypsy Mystic Skin
  • Village Peasant Trickster Skin
  • Blackguard Mercenary Assassin Skin
  • Sensei Ninja Skin
  • King of Thieves Rogue Skin
  • Kings Bowman Archer Skin
  • Forest Tracker Huntress Skin
  • Carthusian Monk Priest Skin
  • Royal Sorcerer Skin
  • Stone Samurai Skin
  • Mystery Rogue Skin
  • Mystery Archer Skin
  • Mystery Wizard Skin
  • Mystery Priest Skin
  • Mystery Warrior Skin
  • Mystery Knight Skin
  • Mystery Paladin Skin
  • Mystery Assassin Skin
  • Mystery Necromancer Skin
  • Mystery Huntress Skin
  • Mystery Mystic Skin
  • Mystery Trickster Skin
  • Mystery Sorcerer Skin
  • Mystery Ninja Skin
  • Mystery Samurai Skin
  • Traveling Songster Bard Skin
  • Stone Bard Skin
  • Construction Rogue Skin
  • Construction Archer Skin
  • Construction Wizard Skin
  • Construction Priest Skin
  • Construction Warrior Skin
  • Construction Knight Skin
  • Construction Paladin Skin
  • Construction Assassin Skin
  • Construction Necromancer Skin
  • Construction Huntress Skin
  • Construction Mystic Skin
  • Construction Trickster Skin
  • Construction Sorcerer Skin
  • Construction Ninja Skin
  • Construction Samurai Skin
  • Construction Bard Skin
  • Construction Summoner Skin
  • Stone Summoner Skin
  • Mystery Bard Skin
  • Menagerie Master Summoner Skin
  • Antinomy Bard Skin
  • Antinomy Knight Skin
  • Antinomy Assassin Skin
  • Antinomy Samurai Skin
  • Antinomy Archer Skin
  • Antinomy Mystic Skin
  • Antinomy Priest Skin
  • Antinomy Necromancer Skin
  • Antinomy Trickster Skin
  • Antinomy Summoner Skin
  • Antinomy Huntress Skin
  • Antinomy Ninja Skin
  • Antinomy Rogue Skin
  • Antinomy Wizard Skin
  • Antinomy Sorcerer Skin
  • Antinomy Warrior Skin
  • Antinomy Paladin Skin
  • Stone Kensei Skin
  • Construction Kensei Skin
  • Emergent Sage Kensei Skin

New Music tracks:

  • Draconis, by Spave – Lair of Draconis
  • Daimyo, by Spave  – Mountain Temple
  • The Hempen Jig, by Spave – Deadwater Docks
  • Marionette, by 2Scallions – Puppet Masters Theatre 
  • Virulent, by Spave – Toxic Sewers

Veteran Skins

The Veteran Skins are back! The collection of skins is available for the ones who have stayed with us for a long time! Players with accounts created before 2014-12-14 08:00:01 will be able to get this collection for 2555 Fame. Special thanks once again to NblankFour for his collection up to Summoner! This Package will be available from today until the end of the Easter event and will be back during other big events later this year. Here they are:

Changes requested by the community:

  • Removed invulnerability for O2’s sun phase
  • For O2s Dance Phase, added a small offset to all of the artifacts so they don’t explode instantly upon being thrown
  • Made the Oryx Sergeant flash before charging onto players
  • Made the Jack Frost components stasis immune.
  • Removed max potion drop cap on Wlab troom
  • Made the Fungal and Crystal cavern crystal’s explosions do silence rather than quiet
  • Lowered the activation time on Ent Ancients towards them achieving their final form
  • Made the Cubic Frame into an orbiting summon
  • There is now a color indication on the border of the tooltip skin unlocker according to their tiers
  • The Chatbox no longer scrolls when new messages are sent while scrolled up
  • The attack animation of pet skins is now being displayed for the electric, savage, and rising fury abilities


  • The Lingering Magi Mod is now working on The Shatters
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain projectiles for Pyrr and Ivory Wyvern to appear as black bars in Lair of Draconis dungeon
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the Nildrop Mod from working properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UT item His Majesty’s Eminence not to display its forge values in its tooltip.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the game to crash when some players tried to enter the Mad Lab or High Tech Terror dungeons
  • Solved an issue that caused the UI to revert to 0 degrees when the default camera angle was set at 45 degrees and the Allow Camera Rotation was turned off.
  • Fixed a bug that caused active boosts not to appear in the realm nor dungeons
  • Typing over the highlighted text on the chat now replaces the highlighted text
  • Empty item slot text no longer appears on the tooltip when swapping items between inventory and bag.
  • Stability improvements
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