BB_Smooth: “RotMG is an Ego Checker”

He’s the newest addition to the DECA Content Partners and we thought that this would be the best way to welcome him to family. Meet BB_Smooth.

Name, Nationality and Age? 

Travis Smooth, Texan :), 26

Is making content your main activity? 

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The Channeling Event

Hello Realmers,

In a temple deep in the Mountains, a school of disciples of the Samurai has been pursuing a path of grace and power. They perform elaborate rituals of war and spirituality, imbuing the Sheaths that house their honed blades with peculiar magic and enhancing both their prowess and their essence as warriors.Read more “The Channeling Event”


Upcoming Events and Login Calendar!


While the frosty time of the year starts, we want to make sure that you are not missing out of any events! So firstly here is a quick reminder!

STory of War VII is coming to an end soon! If you missed our first news about STory of War VII have a look at the blog post!… Read more “Upcoming Events and Login Calendar!”