Free Emotes and an Event

Development Update


The Emotes Feature is out for a while now and we have prepared a new Free Pack for you to enjoy. Ever wanted to play Rock, Paper, Scissors in Realm of the Mad God? Then is now your chance! Jump in-game and grab the Free Pack from the Shop.

To celebrate those new Emotes, we have decided to host an Event on the official Realm of the Mad God Discord Server! 


Starting now, until Monday 12 AM UTC you will be able to take part in our Rock, Paper, Scissors Event. Join our Discord and visit the Channel: 

Channel: #rock-paper-scissors

In order to take part in the event, you have to play Rock Paper Scissors against another player in the game and win! Take a screenshot and post it in the Discord Channel above. Make sure to include your IGN! You can only post once in the discord channel. You have to follow the following format to be eligible for reward: 


Example: (Make sure to leave a space after the : )
IGN: Name
SCREENSHOT: Upload your Screenshot to the message. Do NOT post an imgur link etc.

You don’t need to add anything else. If you just post a Screenshot without your IGN, you won’t be able to receive rewards.


Every player who sends in a screenshot of themselves winning will receive 2x Mystery ST Chests. 

In case you just want to join the Discord Server, follow this link:

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