Public Testing – Moonlight Village Part 2

Development Update


IIt is time for another testing session on the Moonlight Village. We already introduced you to this new upcoming dungeon last week and its time to update you on the progress and changes so far.So lets hand the scepter to Mizumi.

Good Evening!

Welcome back to the Moonlight Festival, tonight we’ve prepared some new things for you to try as well as some changes based on feedback from the previous session!

If this is your first time, then check out the information from the first public testing session here.

Easy Mode, Tutorial Skip and Challenge Gate

Moonlight Village is a dungeon that lets you customize your difficulty!

As some of you found, Umi will give you the option to change the dungeon to “Easy Mode” if you complete the regular tutorial. But when you first spawn into the dungeon, there are certain hidden paths you can take to have even greater control of what sort of difficulty you would like.

To the direct west of spawn, you can find the challenge gate. Here, you can test your mastery of the festival by permanently pet stasising yourself for the reward of greater loot! It is possible to stack this challenge with the dungeon’s Easy Mode.

Near the middle of the staircase south of spawn, you can enter the tutorial skip which allows you to bypass the regular tutorial. If your group has a good bearing on the dungeon, then it’s a faster way to progress to the main festival; it also avoids the possibility of someone activating Easy Mode without a general consensus!

Adjustments and Fixes

There have been tweaks to the lantern mechanic which aim to make following the lantern more rewarding and feasible in groups:

– Increased the detection range of the lantern
– Lantern now removes bleeding
– Lantern now has an additional level of brightness to make the time cap for danmaku phases lower
– Reduced scaling of the lantern in groups and made it a lot more feasible to speed up the lantern timer even with a small portion of the group

There have also been changes to the dancers themselves:
– Greater Life is now a guaranteed drop if you complete regular difficulty
– Updated boss XP
– Dancer’s regular phases are now named
– Lots of minor adjustments to damage for most danmaku phases, as well as a few having slower moving lanterns
– Genji’s Torrent of Memories danmaku has less dense whirlpools and outer bubbles but more frequent shotguns, alongside an anti-”safespot” addition
– Genji’s Tears in the Rain now has the lantern moving back and forth
– Certain projectiles in Kaguya danmaku phases now inflict silence
– Kaguya’s Chorus of Thundering Drums now has the drums orbiting the outside of the triangular arena but the explosions are more dense but less frequent
– Adjusted ratio of bleed to projectile damage for most of Miko’s danmaku projectiles
– Miko Life’s Everlasting Bloom has petals originating from the center rather than being offset and are less frequent; the corner leaves pattern has a lower speed cap
– The time before the start of a danmaku phase has been increased; sick, bleeding and silenced is now properly cleared
The tutorial also received an update to make it explain the dungeon’s lantern mechanic more clearly:
– The regular tutorial now has a counter to indicate progression of each part in the tutorial
– Sped up the tutorial skip slightly (24 sec to 20 sec) and reduced the damage of projectiles

– Finishing the tutorial skip will teleport you further up the path rather than to spawn

Other miscellaneous changes are as follows:
– Shrunk the dungeon map, and reduced active objects in an attempt to fix memory issues
– Adjusted dancer dialogue
– Easy mode now only provides +150 HP rather than +250 HP but the number of phases in the festival is reduced
– Fixed most incorrect display IDs (might still occur for objects that kill you after it has already decayed)
– Invisible walls are now fog walls instead
– Made exit portals be gates
– Fixed some spots not teleporting you to the boss arena
– Reduced score scaling of fishing in groups
– Fishing water ripples now last longer
– Fishing progression should now be smoother
– Made fishing guaranteed for this PT; visit Umi at the fishing spot north of the arena upon finishing the festival (in the future a fishing dungeon mod will be added that guarantees fishing)


For this PT, we will be releasing the rest of the UTs for testing. They will be split into two mystery boxes, one box contains the items which have summons that interact with each other. The other contains the items without these summons.

As some of you were confused about how the summons synergize, I will give a brief explanation. The presence of another spirit summon nearby will cause the summon to ‘upgrade’ which will increase its effectiveness and its duration. There are three possible upgrade levels for each spirit. Having one other spirit nearby will upgrade the spirits to level 2 and having two other spirits nearby will upgrade the spirits to level 3.

With the introduction of the Tezutsu Hanabi scepter, the fireworks stockpile that it places can help you upgrade spirits much faster.

There have also been adjustments to some of the UTs which were tested last PT:

– Updated a few item sprites

– Armours have had their summon proc cooldowns be increased from 6 seconds to 10 seconds

– Reduced WIS scaling for the HP boost on Taiko Drums

– Taiko Drums now have icons for each sub ability

– Lowered MP drain of Rain Maker and increased passive MP from 80 to 100 MP

– Increased the default Fortitude firing cooldown from 12 seconds to 20 seconds (minimum of 15 seconds)

– Fortitude bullets are now semi transparent

– Mischief side bullets are now semi transparent

– Reduced Vigor spirit explosions from 150-200 to 100-150

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