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Development Update


It has been a while since our last update, but now the new year has arrived and so has a new update to Realm of the Mad God. Oryxmas is coming to an end which means it is time for a new event! Down below you will find more information about the “Turbine Trouble” Campaign and “Full Steam Ahead” Event, starting today. The year just started and we are looking forward to sharing more information about upcoming features with you in the near future.

Turbine Trouble / Full Steam Ahead

The age of Steamworks continues in the Realm! This Event is split into different activities. You can progress in our Free Campaign or take part in the Community Event taking place. 

Turbine Trouble Free Campaign

During this event, you will be able to collect special tokens from dungeon bosses that you can redeem to increase your progress in our free campaign. The campaign starts on the 18th of January and ends on the 1st of February, with a grace period until the 4th of February at 12 UTC. 

TimeframeLocationPointsToken drops
18/01/23 – 23/01/23Woodland Labyrinth50Silver Screw x5
18/01/23 – 23/01/23The Crawling Depths50Silver Screw x5
23/01/23 – 28/01/23Deadwater Docks60Silver Screw x6
23/01/23 – 28/01/23Lair of Draconis70Silver Screw x7
28/01/23 – 01/02/23Cursed Library30Silver Screw x3
28/01/23 – 01/02/23Manor of the Immortals30Silver Screw x3
18/01/23 – 01/02/23Kogbold Steamworks80Silver Screw x8


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Tier 1 → 50 pts (5 tokens) Golden Screw

Tier 2 → 150 pts (15 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 1

Tier 3 → 250 pts (25 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 2

Tier 4 → 400 pts (40 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 3

Tier 5 → 700 pts (70 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 4

Tier 6 → 1000 pts (100 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 5

Tier 7 →1400 pts (140 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 6

Tier 8 → 1800pts (180 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 7

Tier 9 → 2300 pts (230 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 8

Tier 10 → 2800pts (280 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 9

Tier 11 → 3600 pts (360 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 10

Tier 12 → 4400 pts (440 tokens) → Steampunk Gravestone Unlocker 11

Full Steam Ahead Community Competition

From the 18th of January until the 1st of February at 12 UTC, you will be able to collect 1 point when defeating the Factory Controle Core in the Kogbold Steamworks.

Your progress will be shown in our leaderboard and depending on your position at the end of the event you will be rewarded with the following items.

Top 1000: “the Factory Inspector” Title

Top 100: Toy Bot K.B Pet Skin (+ the Title)

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You will be able to view your progress here. The Leaderboard will update every 24 hours.

Dungeon Events

Starting on the 18th of January and ending on the 1st of February, a 1.5x Loot and EXP Event will be running in the Kogbold Steamworks.

Additionally, the dungeon has a 25% chance to spawn another Kogbold Steamworks Portal after defeating the Factory Control Core.


Advanced Metallurgy (repeatable) 18.01.2023 – 04.02.2023Silver Screw x50 1x Golden Screw*
Year of the Rabbit (repeatable)22.01.2023 – 04.02.2023Silver Screw x40 (Item of choice)
Zodiac Bunny Pet SkinZodiac Tiger Kensei SkinZodiac Ox Pet SkinZodiac Rat Pet SkinZodiac Pig Pet Skin
Zodiac Dog Pet Skin

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*The Golden Screw contains one of the following items:

  • Mystery ST Chest
  • Ambrosia
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Shard of the Intern x3
  • Shard of the Mad God x5
  • Shard of the Advisor x7
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x7


  • The Nexus no longer uses the Oryxmas Skin but is now presented in a Lunar New Year reskin.
  • Several Encounter have lost their Oryxmas Reskins


  • Mark of Control Core now has the correct Icon in the Forge.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip of an item would still appear when hovering over the purchase button for gold.
  • Adjusted the scrolling in the Battlepass window with the mouse wheel and the buttons.
  • Milestone numbers in the Battlepass window now align with the rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where the BXP text was hard to see when also showing Fame and XP texts.
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