The Alien Invasion is back!

Development Update


Mardi Gras is coming to an end, thank you to everyone who took part in the voting. You should make sure to join our official Discord so you don’t miss out on such events the next time.

Now that this is coming to an end, let us announce the next event. The Aliens are back in Realm of the Mad God and it’s time to jump right in.


The Event starts on the 1st of March at 11:50 PM UTC and ends on the 13th of March at 12:00 PM UTC. During this time Calbrik will use his alien army to invade Realm. Be sure to stop the waves of aliens in order to draw out Commander Calbrik in his Alien UFO. This can be done once per Realm. Additionally, Alien Biff will spawn once all Ghost Kings are defeated.

Please note that Commander Calbrik and Alien Biff still drop wormholes, but do not drop any tokens this time around, instead you will receive between 2 to 4 tokens from the Event Dungeons. Additionally, you will also be guaranteed one Shard of the Advisor per dungeon..

Dungeon Event:

For the duration of the whole event


  • 2x XP Event


  • 2x XP Event


  • 2x XP Event


  • 2x XP Event

Free Pack

You will find the Gift of the Daeva Fame Pack in the Shop! It will be available for 1299 Fame and you are able to purchase it 5 times.


Alien SupplyRepeatable, Item of choiceUniversal Fragmentx20Malogia Weapon Cache x1
Untaris Weapon Cache x1
Forax Weapon Cache x1
Katalund Weapon Cache x1
Core: PowerOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Power x1
Core: Dark MatterOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Dark Matter x1
Core: CorrosionOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Corrosion x1
Core: WarpOnce per accountUniversal Fragment xx40Alien Core: Warp x1
Fusion!RepeatableAlien Core: Power x1
Alien Core: Dark Matter x1
Alien Core: Corrosion x1
Alien Core: Warp x1
Loaded Core x1
Alien TechOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x60Locked Reactor x1
More Fusion!RepeatableLoaded CoreLocked ReactorEntropy Reactor x1
Those are not dishes!Once per account, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x40Malogian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Untarian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Foraxian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Katalonian Saucer Pet Skin x1
The MatricesOnce per day, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x40Magic Protective Matrix
Fitted Protective Matrix
Heavy Protective Matrix
Out of this world!Once per account, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x40Space Smuggler Rogue Skin
Space Cowboy Rogue Skin
Astronaut Knight Skin
Star Shooter Assassin Skin
Time Traveler Trickster Skin
Leech Robot Necromancer Skin
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