Open Testing and a helping hand

Hello Realmers,

Thank Oryx it’s Friday! Ready to relax with your favorite game? In case you feel like you are a bit rusty in some dungeons, you can use today’s Open Testing session as training for the real deal. If you select Testing on the top right of the launcher you’ll be able to join us and play with all the keys that we left (for free) in the shop.… Read more “Open Testing and a helping hand”



Hello, treacherous Realmers,

Oryx got to where he is now by duplicity and treason. In The Vying, you have been following his path to glory; now, you may want to follow his moral failings. The following quests will be available tomorrow, August 12:

Betray the Light!
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Best of Reddit

Hello Realmers,

Let me start by saying that we are preparing the most EPIC MotMG you’ve ever seen. Tomorrow we will be releasing the new STs for paladin and trickster and many other new features.

Here are the best threads of Reddit for the past week:

The homage

The easter egg

10/10 would watch