Shatters Open Testing – 1st Boss!

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Hello Realmers,

We are happy to share with you that we are opening up the testing servers this weekend for you to take a peek at the long-awaited Shatters rework (up until the 1st boss). Once T1 is open, we will announce it on the official Discord server. Please remember to create an account on T1 if you have not already. Your regular account will not allow you to get into the server, as testing is completely independent.

The Shatters

For this session, we have made the first third of the Shatters available to everyone for testing and feedback. We’ll be breaking down the entirety of the dungeon and its individual mechanics later on, but for now, there are two core sections to check out:

  • The Hollow Village
    • Explore an open-ended island to find 8 monuments, destroying them to release the power of the void and access the castle bridge. Unique new UI will keep track of your progress as you hunt their randomized locations in each run.
    • Navigate varied terrain from populated town streets to the forest trails on the outskirts, populated by hunters ready to snipe you.
    • Fight a large variety of enemies both new and old, including some rare spawns you’ll be seeing much more of deeper into the dungeon. These upgraded foes will often patrol around town, so safe areas may not stay unguarded for long.
    • Avoid the gaze of the Stone Idol, a towering and completely indestructible threat that must be avoided at any cost.
    • There are currently 2 different maps for this section available on public testing, but more are planned for the final release.
  • The Great Bridge
    • Duel the noble bridge sentinel, who is now an actual fight! No more safespotting and no more single repeated attack, the sentinel is ready to test your mettle for real.
    • Learning the telegraphs and attack combos of this agile opponent is critical! The most skilled of the realm’s heroes will find clever ways to shift through each pattern.
    • Like with High Tech Terror, we’ve added brand new functionality for projectiles which can be seen in this fight (as well as some villagers). Experience some never before seen attack styles with bullets that turn over time, and some which can be completely circular to revolve around areas for periods of time!
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