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Hello Realmers,

We have been preparing tomorrow’s release and I can tell you that, although short, these release notes will please your ears. In the meanwhile, please take a look at this week’s best of Reddit posts. Please make sure to give some love to the authors on the Reddit thread.… Read more “Best of Reddit”

The Shattered Kingdom – final update

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Congratulations Realmers,

For finishing the campaign ahead of time! All the Tiers have been reached during the weekend!
We promise to bring more campaigns like this in the future, and maybe even more challenging!

Stay “tuned” for tomorrow’s release!  

The Shattered Kingdom update #5 – New tiers

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Hello Realmers,

Wow! You’ve really blown those tiers out of the park! And because of that, we decided to reward with 3 additional Tiers. What is that? Do I see a Character Slot in the last one? I guess this would be a great time to bring your friends into the game, especially because of all the stuff we have been giving away or discounting, like this Fame Picnic Pack that you may find in game from Saturday 12th, to Wednesday, the 16th.… Read more “The Shattered Kingdom update #5 – New tiers”

Meet Papapotato

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Hello Realmers,

Today we chat with a guy that loves potatoes. One wouldn’t guess just by looking at his IGN… Meet Papapotato.

IGN, Nationality and Age?

Papapotato , Bulgarian, Quarter of a Century. 

What is your job? Tell us about it.

Read more “Meet Papapotato”

The Shattered Kingdom update #4

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Hi Realmers!

You are demolishing this community campaign. That being said, getting pages in the Wine Cellar proved more frustrating than we anticipated. We apologize – this type of event hasn’t happened before and we suspected adjustments might be needed. The Wine Cellar drop rates have been increased, and you can find the Oryx Lore quest at the Tinkerer, where you can fill up your collection with a page of choice for 8 Oryx Marks.… Read more “The Shattered Kingdom update #4”

The Shattered Kingdom update #2

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Hello Realmers,

Day 2 has passed and you’ve blown away Tier 2, almost reaching tier 3 of the campaign. At this pace this is going to be easy peasy for you!

And here are the pages that drop from Library (6 to 8):

Best of Reddit

Community Update

Hello Realmers, here’s our week’s Best of Reddit selection of funny / artsy posts:

Shatters fan art!

Holy Moly! 680!

When you complain that you don’t have anything to read…

Paranoid Android!

♫ Public testing this weekend ♫

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Hello Realmers,

We will host a new public testing session this weekend. You’ll be able to enter Oryx Sanctuary and Lost Halls directly from the Nexus and… well lets say that you should play with some volume on your headphones, because you might hear something familiar.… Read more “♫ Public testing this weekend ♫”