Public Testing: Fog of War!

Development Update


Another week, another testing session. This time we will have a closer look at a new cosmetic feature called “Player Entrance”. We will go into more detail down below. Additionally, yesterday we announced that we are working on removing the Fog of War from the Nexus, Pet Yard, Vault, and the Realm! Today you can test this out already in the Nexus.

Also, Pet Saddlebags are back on Testing! We received a lot of feedback on the last version and have now applied new restrictions. Pet Saddle Bags no longer hold Equipment like Weapons, Armor, Rings, etc.

Fog of War

One of the most requested “features” from all of you for us to remove. The Fog of War is a relic of the past and we aim to get rid of it from the Nexus and the Realm. We are still investigating and considering the impact of removing FoW from dungeons, but right now we don’t plan to do this. Removing the fog from dungeons might lead to changes in the difficulty of certain dungeons.

For this testing session, you will be able to enjoy the Nexus with a reduced Fog of War. So go test it out on different resolutions and so on. Any feedback is welcome so make sure to leave it all collected on the Discord Testing Channel. We need more tests first to have a look at tile discovery and more until it will be further removed.

Player Entrances

Introducing Player Entrances! As you all know, we are constantly working on new cosmetic options for players who might want to customize their appearance more in the Realm. Upon entering the Nexus, Realm, or any other zone, a special Entrance Animation will be shown. You can try out some of them by purchasing the Free Pack in our Testing Store. The unlock will persist even if your character dies. You just have to reapply it again via the wardrobe to your new character.

Please note that these effects are currently placeholders and a work in progress.

Once unlocked, you can apply the entrance to your character via the wardrobe.

Pet Saddlebag

As most of you are aware, we recently announced the development of the Pet Saddlebag. An additional Bag used on your pet, which will prevent items from being deleted upon death. The original version of this feature included all items to be safe from death.
We got a lot of very valuable feedback regarding this topic and started a poll on Reddit since we do believe that the feature itself can be very valuable to the game.

Based on your feedback, we have decided to restrict the Saddlebag in a way that it can’t hold any form of equipment. No Weapons, Armor, or Rings can be put in the Bag. You can save keys, consumables, skins, tokens, and more in it. 

Please try out the Pet Saddlebag and give us more feedback on it! If you also have suggestions for items to be blocked, or find an item that should be blocked can still be added please let us know. Report all your findings in the Discord Testing Channel.

You can unlock a maximum of 8 slots on a Pet Saddlebag. Right now the slots cost the following gold. Feel free to leave feedback about this as well.

SlotPrice (gold)
Slot 1100
Slot 2100
Slot 3250
Slot 4500
Slot 51000
Slot 61000
Slot 71000
Slot 81000


New Crucible restrictions have been added. Go and active them in the Nexus and try them out.

  • +30% HP
  • +30% MP healing from all sources
  • 100% chance for bleeding on hit for 5 seconds
  • 5% chance for sick on hit for 3 seconds
  • +20% xp
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