Update Season 11

Development Update


You were just able to have a first look at our newest upcoming Season during our Public Testing Session over the weekend Now it’s time to start the said season.

Please note that this time we won’t have new shinies for you to hunt. Season 11 starts today and runs until the 6th of February. The Nexus is now going to lose its Oryxmas Skin. Additionally, the Oryxmas Bounty is coming to an end.

Let’s have a look at the new season!

Season 11 – Battling the Invasion

Season 11 brings you a brand new Battle Pass, a new Mission Tree, and new Crucible Modifiers! Again, this time we won’t have new shinies but they will not be gone for long. Please note that the Battle Pass Skins won’t be available until the 16th of January. They will be rewarded for the Celestial Quest.

Battle Pass

Mission Tree

Our newest Mission Tree once again brings you different kinds of Missions! Some for Seasonal characters, some for crucible. But once again you will be able to complete a lot of them on your regular character.


We go petless again!

Enjoy the following changes to stats when you activate Crucible:

  • + 50 HP
  • + 50 MP
  • +4 on all other stats
  • – Minus your pet.

As always, you will be able to complete Crucible-exclusive Missions!

Seasonal Pack

The Seasonal Pack is once again back and now contains 2x Seasonal Potion Vault Expansions. Please note that the Potion Vault Unlock for Seasonal does not carry over to non-seasonal at the end of the season.

Fixes & Changes

  • The Steam Pipe now drops with an enchantment slot again
  • Oryxmas Warm and Cozy Engraving & Oryxmas Polar Explorer Engraving description now also states that they can be used on abilities.
  • Shiny Doku No Ken now requires purple dust to unlock the enchantment slot
  • Stat Counter in Character Tooltip does not change on activating Crucible with stat restriction.

Ring of Decades & The Forgotten Ring will drop with an Engraving slot now. The following engravings can be applied to these rings:

  • Kogbold Spirit Engraving
  • Might of the Bumblebees Engraving
  • Path of the Magus Engraving
  • Path of the Sniper Engraving
  • Path of the Stalwart Engraving
  • Path of the Swiftblade Engraving
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