Update: – Oryxmas Campaign

Development Update


Oryxmas is running wild for a whole week already! We hope you are already close to finishing your Battle Pass and Missions. Now it’s time to bring to you the Snowstorm Campaign! Collect Tokens, turn them in for some nice rewards and hunt Jack Frost to get your hands on the new Oryxmas Shinys.

Oryxmas Campaign

Campaign Tokens:

Three types of tokens will be used for campaign progression, as well as currency for quests as the Tinkerer!

The following tokens, all stackable up to 10, will be used:

  • Oryxmas Dinner (30 Points)
  • Frosty Desert. (20 Points)
  • Festive Appetizer (5 Points)

The Campaign Tokens will drop from all dungeons and/or realm bosses. Please note that depending on the difficulty level of the encounter, the amount of tokens will be different. 


Festive ToolsOryxmas Dinner x10 Evergreen Dagger
Garland Bow
Sleigh Bell Staff
Brass Chamberstick
Cheerful Chipper
Candy Katana
Once Per Account, Item of Choice
Oryxmas CollectionOryxmas Dinner x10 Oryxmas Collection ChestRepeatable
Festive WonderOryxmas Dinner x10 Oryxmas Mystery Loot Chest III Once Per Day
Ornaments of UnityOryxmas Ornament: Energized
Oryxmas Ornament: Weak
Oryxmas Ornament: Exposed
Ornaments of UnityRepeatable
Garments of FrostOryxmas Dinner x10 Oryxmas Mystery ArmorRepeatable
Weapons of FrostOryxmas Dinner x10 Oryxmas Mystery WeaponRepeatable
Abilities of FrostOryxmas Dinner x10 Oryxmas Mystery AbilityRepeatable

Changes & Fixes

  • Keyper now opens Portals to 8 Dungeons
  • Dust now drops correctly in the Ocean Trench and Ice Tomb
  • Fixed the display name of a weapon.
  • Rate of Fire calculation displayed on Weapon Tooltips is temporarily based on the Default RoF of each Weapon Type. In the upcoming release RoF will only be displayed on tooltips if the item is enchanted.

Red Dusts now drops in the following dungeons:

  • The Crawling Depths
  • Woodland Labyrinth
  • Deadwater Docks 
  • The Tavern 
  • Puppet Master’s Encore
  • Cnidarian Reef 
  • Belladonna’s Garden 
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