Update Forge Storage

Development Update


Season 11 is in full swing and its time to bring two new features into the game! You were already able to have a first look at the Forge Material Storage and Pet Arcane Styles some weeks ago, and they are now finally arriving in the game!

Additional the Celestial Quests have been updated. 

Forge Material Storage

The Forge System has been an important part of the game for several reasons and years now. We are adding a new Forge Material Storage System that will allow you to directly store the material needed for forging. The following things have been added to the game:

  • A chest has been added next to the forge which will take marks, ores, blueprints, and other materials used in forging.
    • These will count as being on you when it comes to making new items and saving space in your main chest as well as your backpack.
  • You can now dismantle items you no longer want in exchange for the raw materials they are made from.
    • These materials are stored as a virtual currency which can be spent at a later date.
    • Note – you will still need to provide items to make specific objects, such as an ST item of the correct class when forging a Gen 3 ST piece, or making a UT which requires at least one object from a specific dungeon when creating the final piece.
    • The materials may well have come from such items in the past, but are considered purely raw materials for the purposes of forging.
  • Dismantling items also have a token forge fire cost.

Pet Arcane Styles

You were able to check them out already during our testing sessions, now they are coming into the game. All of the currently available character styles have been added to the pet wardrobe. You can purchase them to add glows, holograms and flipbooks to your favorite pet! Usually Arcane Styles are gone after your character dies, but for your pets they will be retained on the death of your character! Only fusing pets together will remove the Arcane Style.

Celestial Quests

New Quests are just around the corner for your Celestial Stones!

Celestial Exchange ICelestial Stone x10Celestial Stone x5
Celestial Stone x5 
Celestial Exchange IICelestial Stone x20Celestial Stone x10
Celestial Stone x10
Exquisite Celestial GarmentsCelestial Stone x100Forsythia Chihuahua Sorcerer Skin
Primula Greyhound Kensei Skin 
Bluebell Borzoi Warrior Skin 
Digitalis Fox Archer Skin
Celestial ExpressionsCelestial Stone x5Dodge Emote 
Portal Emote 
Mixture Emote 
Surprise Emote
Celestial Garments ICelestial Stone x20Snowy Owl Pet Skin
Strange Bunny Pet Skin
Celestial Garments IICelestial Stone x20Santa Knight Skin
Nebula Nomad Wizard Skin
Astro Scout Trickster Skin
Orbital Observer Priest Skin
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