The Alien Invasion is back!

Development Update


It is time for a new event. The Alien Invasion is back and Commander Calbrik and Alien Biff are going rampage in the Realm! Go fight them and collect Universal Fragments to receive some unique rewards. Additionally, we will have some active buffs active in the Alien Dungeons! Go check out all the information down below.

Dungeon Event

From 23.01 until 06.02 the following 4 dungeons will have some modifiers active! 2x XP, 1.2x Loot, 1x Guaranteed Universal Fragment, and a 50% chance for another Universal Fragment. 


  • Katalund
  • Malogia
  • Untaris
  • Forax

Realm Events

Commander Calbrik will be guaranteed in the Realm. He will drop 2x Universal Fragment, 1x Shard of the Intern, and 2x Shard of the Advisor.

Alien Biff will be spawning in the Realm after Ghost Kings are defeated. He will drop Universal Fragment 1x + Shard of the Doorwarden and Shard of the Mad God 1x.


Otherworldly LootRepeatable, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x20Malogia Weapon Cache x1
Untaris Weapon Cache x1
Forax Weapon Cache x1
Katalund Weapon Cache x1
Core: PowerOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Power x1
Core: Dark MatterOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Dark Matter x1
Core: CorrosionOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Corrosion x1
Core: WarpOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x40Alien Core: Warp x1
Fusion!Once per accountAlien Core: Power x1
Alien Core: Dark Matter x1
Alien Core: Corrosion x1
Alien Core: Warp x1
Loaded Core x1
Powering UpOnce per accountUniversal Fragment x80Locked Reactor x1
More Fusion!Once per accountLoaded Core
Locked Reactor
Entropy Reactor x1
Cosmic DiplomacyOnce per account, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x40Malogian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Untarian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Foraxian Saucer Pet Skin x1
Katalonian Saucer Pet Skin x1
The MatricesOnce per day, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x40Magic Protective Matrix
Fitted Protective Matrix
Heavy Protective Matrix
Galactic FashionOnce per account, Item of choiceUniversal Fragment x40Synthwave Priest Skin
Alien Abductor Summoner
Astronaut Knight Skin
Exploratory Bot Paladin
Time Traveler Trickster Skin
Leech Robot Necromancer Skin
Synthwave Warrior Skin
Synthwave Rogue Skin
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