Public Testing: Oryxmas

Development Update


We are bringing you another Testing Session. This time around you will have a first look at some of the Oryxmas Features, the Enchantment Rework including new engravings, and the new Battle Pass and Mission Tree for the upcoming Season. 

You will be able to join a lot of different dungeons in the Nexus to try out some of the newer features.


Oryxmas is just around the corner and we are giving you a first glance at some of the new features and returning things this year. 

Here is a list of all the modifier events, mods and encounters players will face during Oryxmas of which there are plenty.

Snow Tiles:

  • Activated across all Oryxmas Dungeons

Snow Tiles will show up across the floors of our different Event Dungeons. They will have a very special interaction with the Snowmen.


  • Activated across all Oryxmas Dungeons
  • 5 Types of Snowmen (different difficulty/size and types)

We are splitting Snowman spawns into different Tiers. The higher the Tier, the harder the fight.

Tier 3 – 4 – 5 Snowman can spawn in:

Advanced Kogbold Steamworks, Advanced Nest, Lost Halls, Crystal Cavern

Tier 3 – 4 Snowman can spawn in:

The Nest, Fungal Cavern, Cultist Hideout, Kogbold Steamworks

Tier 2 – 3 Snowman can spawn in:

The Crawling Depths, The Third Dimension, Ice Cave, Ocean Trench, Manor of the Immortals, Davy Jones’ Locker, Woodland Labyrinth, Undead Lair, Puppet Master’s Theatre, Toxic Sewers, Cursed Library, Mad Lab, Abyss of Demons

Tier 2 Snowman can spawn in:

Ancient Ruins, Snake Pit, Sprite World

Tier 1 Snowman can spawn in:

The Hive, Spider Den, Forest Maze

These Snowmen will spawn on mob death and have their own drops. Be careful while dragging them around. If they step on snow tiles, they will increase in difficulty.

New Presents 

  • 3 different types of presents
  • Chance to spawn per room

These Presents will add an extra layer of festivity to the dungeons. As with any good present. Hit it until you get the loot.

Old Presents

  • Spawn after a certain amount of time has passed since Realm generation
  • Small Presents have a chance of spawning when you defeat Godland enemies

Loot Elf:

  • Chance to spawn per room in a dungeon

A special loot goblin runs away from you and might drop rewards. He is available in the Crawling Depths, Ice Cave, Ocean Trench, Third Dimension, Davy Jones Locker, and Woodland Labyrinth. He looks like a golden rat for now.

Reworked Grinch:

  • Spawns after a boss is defeated
  • Depending on the dungeon, he will drop different loot
  • For this Testing Session, he won’t drop any loot

We adjusted the difficulty of the Grinch. Feel free to leave feedback. He should feel less dangerous now.

He is available in the Ice Tomb, Lair of Draconis, The Nest, and Crawling Depths.

Oryx Winter Castle:

Oryx is very much into decorating his castle during Oryxmas. Go check it out!

Oryxmas Nexus: 

The Nexus is full of snow now! You might be able to listen to a different Nexus Music as well.s

Snowy The Frost God:

Snowy the Frost God is an Event Boss that spawns during the Oryxmas. It spawns once per realm after all the Ghost Kings are killed.

He won’t have a loot table during this testing session.

Permafrost Lord:

The Permafrost Lord is an Event Boss that spawns during the Christmas season. It spawns once per realm and has a chance to drop an entrance to the Ice Tomb.

HP and MP in the Realm

Players in the Realm will have their HP and MP regeneration rate increased by 20%.

Oryxmas Reskins of existing encounters:

  • Hermit God → Hat God
  • Cube God → Ice Cube God
  • Ghost Ship → Frozen Ship
  • Pentaract → Frostaract
  • Skull Shrine → Xmas Skull shrine
  • Appetizer → Santa Appetizer
  • Keyper → Santa Keyper
  • Rock Dragon → Xmas Rock Dragon
  • Oryx → Sweater Oryx
  • Craig → Sweater Craig
  • Candy Miner
  • Crystal Worm Rudolph
  • Sphinx → Jolly Sphinx
  • Living Tree → Death Morel
  • Beer God → Mad Santa

Battle Pass

The BXP required to complete the Pass has been heavily reduced.


We are trying out a new layout with this season’s Mission Tree. Feel free to provide feedback on what you think. Please note that this one is not final. We are aiming to reduce the amount of grind needed to finish some of the missions. 


Crucible has been set up in three dungeons to investigate the issue with Token Drops:

2 Guaranteed Token drops in Ocean Trench, Cultist Hideout & Tomb of the Ancients

Hekate Charm x3 & Hekate Charm x1.

Please run the dungeons several times and in case you do NOT receive the tokens, leave feedback in the discord channel.

Enchantments Rework

The Enchantment Rework has seen some changes since the last Public Testing session. 

Additionally, we are introducing special Oryxmas Engravings.

You will be able to find those in a pack in the shop on testing. 

Let’s have a look at them:

There are 4 new Engravings for Oryxmas items.

For weapons:

• Naughty

   ◦ Replaces projectiles with lumps of coal.

   ◦ Adds 5% damage

• Nice

   ◦ Replaces projectiles with snowballs

   ◦ Add range +10% range.

For abilities:

• Warm and Cozy

   ◦ Adds 40 HP

   ◦ Adds 4 DEF

• Polar Explorer

   ◦ Adds 8% mana cost reduction

   ◦ Adds 80 MP

The engravings apply to the following items:

Evergreen Dagger

Garland Bow

Sleigh Bell Staff

Brass Chamberstick

Cheerful Chipper

Candy Katana

Evergreen Dagger Shiny

Garland Bow Shiny

Sleigh Bell Staff Shiny

Brass Chamberstick Shiny

Cheerful Chipper Shiny

Candy Katana Shiny

Cloak of Winter

Coalbearing Quiver

Vigil Spell

Nativity Tome

Pathfinder’s Helm

Resounding Shield

Advent Seal

Holly Poison

Skull of Krampus

Greedsnatcher Trap

Snowbound Orb

Ornamental Prism

Scepter of Sainthood

Ilex Star

Peppermint Wakizashi

Oryxmas Carol

Mace of the North Pole

Snowman’s Sheath

All of the above should have a UT slot which can be unlocked for 0 Purple dust.

The engravings are:

Oryxmas Naughty Engraving

Oryxmas Nice Engraving

Oryxmas Warm and Cozy Engraving

Oryxmas Polar Explorer Engraving

The Enchantments system is being reworked based on feedback and data from the initial launch of the system. A lot of things have changed, but the core concept remains roughly the same. Enchantments will still apply a bonus to items which have Enchantment slots. But, the biggest changes are as follows:

  • ALL tiered gear now has a chance to have an Enchantment slot.
  • The Enchantments added to tiered items will be RANDOM.

  This means you will no longer be able to pick the exact bonus which will appear on your items, but a good portion of items will drop with an Enchantment attached.

Enchantment Distribution

The distribution of Enchantments is similar to the previous iteration. Please see the following tables to explain what items can have which effects.

Stat Bonuses (Flat and Relative)


  • IE – on hit activations


Higher level items will have a better spread of options within the same category. So a T1 dagger will have lower Attack bonuses than a T14 dagger, for example.

 Some enchantments have also been dropped for now, as they would be too costly to recreate across a larger scale. Ability replication, for instance, was done on an item-by-item basis, and would therefore need a new effect to be created for each individual ability. The overall effect of an on-hit Ability trigger will be looked into and added in future updates. The same goes for narrow cones, which was created using individual subattack replacements. These will come back when we have the ability to apply the effect more directly.

Items can have Enchantments with a maximum level based on the tier of the item in question:

SegmentGradeMax Level
BeginnerBelow D1

Dust Distribution

In brief, Green dust appears at the beginning of the game and is dropped at increasing rates until difficulty 6 dungeons.  At that point Red dust also appears, with Purple following in Exaltation dungeons  and the Wine Cellar.  The time and effort needed to complete each dungeon is taken into account with the dust drop rates, which are still boosted by 15% when playing a Seasonal character.


But what if you get an item with an ability you don’t want?

Dust has been split into three groups – Green, Red and Purple. Green dust can be used to reroll all of the Enchantments on an item. As this is currently going to be capped at 1 to allow us to make this change without rebalancing the whole realm, that will essentially work by allowing you to reroll the one random Enchantment. This will be done on a purely random basis, so you could end up with something worse, or even just the same ability again!.

Red dust can be used to upgrade your Enchantments, if they are not already at the maximum the item allows. IE – if you have a Dexterity bonus of +4, you can use Red dust to reach +6, assuming this is a viable option for the item. If +4 is the cap for that object, then that is as high as it will go.

Purple Dust will fulfil most of the roles which Green dust does at the moment. It can be used to unlock the slots on UT’s (described below).

The more you reroll the Enchantments on an item, the more each subsequent roll will cost. The current cap for this cost is after 5 rolls, which is when the cost will remain fixed at a higher price permanently. Thankfully all dusts still have a high cap on collection, and you can now boost this using (TBD item name), which add 200 to the cap of the specific dust type it is associated with.

UT’s and Engravings

UT’s and the Engraving system remain relatively unchanged. While UT’s will gain random enchantments in the second slot onwards with later updates, they currently retain the same core mechanics right now: you pay Purple dust to unlock a slot, and consume and Engraving to apply it to that item permanently.

The Enchanter

Not all dust operations are available immediately. The Enchanter will now use Green dust for free, but needs to be paid in dust to unlock the other types. This can be done in any order, so if you just want to use UT’s you can pay them in Purple dust to unlock this ability without paying Red to upgrade tiered items.

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