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Hello Realmers,

This patch introduces fixes to some issues reported after the latest release. We are also introducing a free pack today, and a fame box on the weekend to thank you for your patience. 

Events’ loot tables will now have additional Nil drops in them.… Read more “Hotfix”

Patch – Remember the Nil

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Hello Realmers,

This release makes some important changes to the realm. We are introducing Nilshards and Nildrops and renaming the ore. We are bringing new STs (for the Knight and Necromancer). We’ve also been preparing Belladonna for Valentine’s day, so expect a few tweaks.… Read more “Patch – Remember the Nil”

Public Testing: Presenting Nilshards


Hello curious Realmers,

You might be here to learn about the new Nilshards or to find what you’ll be able to see at this weekend’s Public Testing. Or both. We would definitely go for both. When can you expect them to be released?… Read more “Public Testing: Presenting Nilshards”

And the Speedrun event winners are…

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Hello Realmers,

Here are the anticipated winners list for the Speedrun we announced on the 14th of January. Like we said, the rewards will be given to the top three times of each class: a UT of choice for that class along with a skin of choice for that class (except exclusive skins and items that are no longer in the game).… Read more “And the Speedrun event winners are…”

Patch Messing with the Runes

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Hello Realmers,

This patch brings important changes to the Rune System, as announced, but also to the Item Forge and some rework done on end-game dungeons.

While “cleaning” the portal monuments at the wine cellar, one of Oryx’s minions spilled a bottle of wine into the system that regulates the opening of the Sanctuary.Read more “Patch Messing with the Runes”

Friday News: Tweaking Dungeons


Hey curious Realmers,

You liked spoilers, we like spoilers… seems like a good match! Today we want to tell you about the changes we are making to some of your favorite dungeons.

We are introducing a variety of polish, balance and quality of life changes, focused mainly on endgame dungeons.… Read more “Friday News: Tweaking Dungeons”