Sprite Spoilers and Valentine Winners

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Hello curious Realmers,

We came here today to share a few new sprites with you, made by our talented UGC friends. I’m sure it’ll be pretty easy to guess where are they going… but, can you guess their actual names? (There are a few hints in this post… but some things might have been put there to throw you off scent…).… Read more “Sprite Spoilers and Valentine Winners”

Meet Helemaalni (and events update)

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Hello Realmers,

Continuing our series of interviews, today we bring you one of our most active testers. If there’s something to do, he’s always there, with a helping hand. Meet Jelle aka, Hele, aka Helemaalni.

Name, Nationality and Age?

My name is Jelle, but most people will know me as Helemaalni or Hele.… Read more “Meet Helemaalni (and events update)”

Patch – Hotfix

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Hello Realmers,

With this hotfix we are taking care of  the issue that caused the weekend disconnections. Some Players were spamming abilities and crashing the server. We believe to have countered that method for causing the disconnections. 

We also repaired the issue that caused players not being able to log into the game or change character if they last played with Halloween sets.… Read more “Patch – Hotfix”