Public Testing – Wetlands

Development Update


The time has come for the next round of testing. Welcome the return of the Wetlands to Realm of the Mad God. We are looking forward to more feedback on our new and upcoming dungeon, created by MOONSHOOT and his helpers!… Read more “Public Testing – Wetlands”

Public Testing – Steamworks

Development Update


This weekend you will be able to test our new endgame dungeon: The Steamworks, during our Public Testing session which will last till Monday (Oct 3rd, 9 AM CET)!

The Steamworks is a completely new dungeon coming to the Realm of the Mad God.… Read more “Public Testing – Steamworks”

Act like a Pirate Event

Development Update

Arrr Realmers!

Month of the Mad God is over for 2 weeks now and you were also able to enjoy your time at our Back to School Event.
In order to celebrate “Talk like a Pirate Day,” it is time for you to jump into your Pirate persona and slay the mighty Pirate Captain, Jon Bilgewater and Davy Jones.… Read more “Act like a Pirate Event”

Event: Back to School

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Summer is coming to an end, which means that school is starting soon again or already started for some people! We are going to enable three different Chest Events to “celebrate” going back to school. You can find out more about the loot below.… Read more “Event: Back to School”