The Future of RotMG – Interview with Sebchoof

Development Update


Recently Sebchoof, one of our Content Creators for Realm of the Mad God, contacted me and asked if I would like to join him for a session of his podcast, going over some of the questions the community has for us at DECA.

Now its time to share this podcast with all of you! You will find out more about our plans for the future, the timeframe we have for the Realm Rework and more!

Additionally we highly recommend that you leave a comment under the video with your IGN. We will randomly pick 3 people who will receive 2000 Realm Gold.

Feel free to leave any kind of feedback you have and maybe we can do more of those Q&A sessions in the near future while we approach the Realm Rework.

In case you dont see the video in this blog, here is the direct link!

~DECA Acalos

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