Update: – Season 9

Development Update

Backpacking Realmers!

Halloween is coming to an end with today’s update. The Reskins are gone and the Nexus is now displaying the Autumn Theme. With this update you will be able to take part in our new Season, collect two new ST Sets, equip a new Backpack Extender in order to upgrade your characters with more inventory slots and more! Don’t forget to check out the new Event Calendar in the game!

Season 9

With Season 8 coming to an end, we already have the next season coming up! “A Wicked Myth: Myths and Legends” will start after the release of this update. Complete a brand new Battle Pass, new Mission including our new Mission Type and jump into new Crucible Challenges. Happy looting! Don’t forget about our new Shinys! 

Battle Pass

Album with all Items available in the BP: https://imgur.com/a/ISCDPu7


New Mission Condition: Time Limited

The missions are also getting an upgrade with a new mission condition! You will need to beat dungeons below a certain amount of time for the mission to be completed.


New Shinys

Like every season we are introducing four new shiny items to the game!

  • Snake Eye Ring (Credits: MissSquigg) (Currently doesn’t drop in a white bag! Check your Bags)
  • Candy-Coated Armor (Credits: LMaelstrom)
  • Doku No Ken (Credits: LMaelstrom)
  • Sword of the Colossus (Credits: LMaelstrom)

They drop from the same places the non-shiny version drops.

Mythology Event – Tales from the Odyssey

Once the servers are back up and until 21.11 several dungeon Events will take place! Collect different Charms and turn them into rewards at the Tinkerer. 

You will receive 1.5x Loot and XP in the following dungeons:

The first four also have the new “Foreign Enemy Mod” active. Spawning enemies from other dungeons inside the dungeon. 

Ancient Ruins: 75% chance to get Ionic Charm x1

Snake Pit: 75% chance to get Ionic Charm x1

Crawling Depths: Guaranteed Ionic Charm x2

Mountain Temple: Guaranteed Ionic Charm x3

Ocean Trench Guaranteed Ionic Charm x2

Tomb of the Ancients: Guaranteed Ionic Charm x3

Cultist Hideout: Guaranteed Ionic Charm x3

When using a crucible character:

Ocean Trench: 90% chance to get Hekate Charm x2 and a 50% chance to get 1 more.

Tomb of the Ancients: 90% chance to get Hekate Charm x3 and a 50% chance to get 1 more.

Cultist Hideout: 90% chance to get Hekate Charm x3 and a 50% chance to get 1 more.


The Sirens’ SongRepeatableIonic Charm x20Buried Treasure
The Oracle’s ProphecyRepeatableHekate Charm x10Crystal of Fortune x5
Hera’s EnigmaOnce per accountIonic Charm x30Ambrosia
Poseidon’s DepthsOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ionic Charm x40Dionysus Priest Skin
Athena Warrior Skin
Persephone’s PassageOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ionic Charm x40Wand of Ancient Warning
Agateclaw Dagger
Spellblade of Starry Insight
Accursed Tachi
Apollo’s RiddleOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ionic Charm x40Crimson Longbow
Skysplitter Sword
Staff of Astral Knowledge
The Harp of OrpheusOnce per account, Item of ChoiceIonic Charm x40Abyssal Armor
Robe of the Elder Warlock
Griffon Hide Armor
The Labyrinth of the MinotaurOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ionic Charm x40Pandora Priestess Skin
Aphrodite Mystic Skin
Pegasus Warrior Skin
Cleopatra Priestess Skin
The Odyssey of OlympusOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ionic Charm x40Sagittarius Pet Skin
Mini Leviathan Pet Skin
Capricorn Pet Skin
Golden Sagittarius Pet Skin
The Demigod’s DestinyRepeatableHekate Charm x20Crucible Mystery Chest
Zeus’ ChallengeOnce per accountHekate Charm x20Superior Mystery Skin
Superior Mystery Pet Skin

Event Calendar

Introducing something you have all been asking for over the past years! The Event Calendar is now accessible via the Ingame UI. We have received a lot of feedback regarding this feature already and will improve it in upcoming updates. 

Some planned upgrades to this system are in the works, including adding more room for the rewards on offer, but the current version should be able to make planning which events you intend to engage with much easier in the future.

Bag of Infinite Pockets

We’re introducing a new Backpack Extender that complements the already existing Backpack by introducing a 3rd page to the Inventory storage. This addition expands the slot count from 16 to 24, allowing you to carry even more items during your expeditions in the Realm. 

Please note that the Backpack must be equipped first before using this new item.


Mini Bag of Infinite Pockets

Standard Bag of Infinite Pockets

Grand Bag of Infinite Pockets

New ST Sets

Get ready to explore two new playstyles with the Storm Shaman and the Mad Minotaur sets, each offering unique abilities and synergies.

You are used to having access to new Sets via a paid campaign. This won’t be the case this time. You will be able to directly purchase the Sets in the Shop. They will drop in the game starting Oryxmas as always with ST Sets after a while.

The Mad Minotaur set turns your Knight into an Area of Effect tank specialized in crowd control and area damage. The set synergizes the Shield’s Shockwave Stun ability with the Furry Flail’s radial attack, creating a formidable combination against groups of enemies. The set specifically focuses on boosting DEX, enhancing the Knight’s rate of attack and flail swing speed. The dual effects of the Shield’s stun and the Flail’s radial damage make this ideal for managing multiple enemies at once!

Or equip the power of thunder and turn your Sorcerer into a lightning-fast Storm Shaman, skilled in area control through the summoning of immobile Storm Totems. These totems automatically zap nearby enemies with electrical bolts, dealing damage and paralyzing them. The set is designed to boost Speed and MP, allowing for quick area fortification and extended summoning capabilities. While the totems lack mobility, they compensate with increased fluctuating damage, ideal for a long-range defensive playstyle.

We have adjusted both sets after receiving some feedback from our testing session.

We got a lot of feedback during the testing of these 2 sets. So here are the things we did to improve them after the public testing session ended:

  • Flail Head slightly buffed with +10% rate of fire. Min Damage increased by 25.
  • Removed SFX from the Totem.
  • Totems are no longer Summons.
  • Wand accelerates earlier. Lifetime of projectile reduced.
  • Description of Shield changed.
  • New Stats on Armors and Rings.

Fixes & Changes

  • Shiny Items now have Forge Value.
  • Tome of Purification no longer cleanses Drought in MV and Interregnum.
  • Shaders no longer appear on tooltips of clothing items when hovering over them.
  • An Issue where Pets that were labeled as “not obtainable through fusion” were able to be fused, was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where damage and healing numbers were not displayed correctly on enemies and your character.
  • The Tooltip of Cursed Spire Spell now mentions the amount of shots that it shoots.
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