Testing: Backpack Expansion, new STs + more!

Development Update

Testing Realmers!

The Halloween Event is running in full force and we hope you are already close to finishing the Campaign. This weekend we will have a look at some new features coming up soon in Realm of the Mad God. Introducing first, the Backpack Extender which will unlock 8 additional spaces in your Inventory. A first look at two new ST sets, an in-game Event Calendar and the first draft for the next upcoming Battle Pass and Missions! Please keep in mind that some things might be placeholders.

The new Battle Pass will be active and you can already give us feedback on the rewards.

Backpack Extender

We’re introducing a new Backpack Extender that complements the already existing Backpack by introducing a 3rd page to the Inventory storage. This addition expands the slot count from 16 to 24, allowing you to carry even more items during your expeditions in the Realm. 

Please note that the Backpack must be equipped first before using this new item.

Knight & Sorcerer ST Sets

Get ready to explore two new playstyles with the Storm Shaman and the Mad Minotaur sets, each offering unique abilities and synergies.

The Mad Minotaur set turns your Knight into an Area of Effect tank specialized in crowd control and area damage. The set synergizes the Shield’s Shockwave Stun ability with the Furry Flail’s radial attack, creating a formidable combination against groups of enemies. The set specifically focuses on boosting DEX, enhancing the Knight’s rate of attack and flail swing speed. The dual effects of the Shield’s stun and the Flail’s radial damage make this ideal for managing multiple enemies at once!

Or equip the power of thunder and turn your Sorcerer into a lightning-fast Storm Shaman, skilled in area control through the summoning of immobile Storm Totems. These totems automatically zap nearby enemies with electrical bolts, dealing damage and paralyzing them. The set is designed to boost Speed and MP, allowing for quick area fortification and extended summoning capabilities. While the totems lack mobility, they compensate with increased fluctuating damage, ideal for a long-range defensive playstyle.

Select your favorite set and master the art of crowd control in your next adventure!

Known Issue – A black box is displayed around the skin when all items of the Knight Set are equipped.

Event Calendar

In order to make viewing the events we have in the game simpler, we have added an Event Calendar button to the UI.

Pressing this button will bring up a list of the currently planned events. Days when there is to be an event will have icons related to the event added to the date, and the full details can be gained through a tooltip prompted by hovering over the day in question.

Some planned upgrades to this system are in the works, including adding more room for the rewards on offer, but the current version should be able to make planning which events you intend to engage with much easier in the future.

Note: the events in this calendar are placeholders and do not correspond to any future planned events!

New Mission Condition: Time Limited

The missions are also getting an upgrade with a new mission condition! You will need to beat dungeons below a certain amount of time for the mission to be completed. In the missions tab you will find a small batch of missions for ease of testing. After completing the first mission all the others will unlock and you can try them out in any order you want!

Foreign Enemy Spawn Mod

A new tool is in effect where random enemies/objects are spawned in specific rooms of dungeons. Note that set up is still WIP & not finalized.

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