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Development Update

Spooky Realmers!

Halloween is just around the corner and Realm already got invaded by Totalia and the Zombie Horde! Oryx Castle is now infected and you will need to work together to move forward. O2 has a small chance to drop some event whites during Halloween! Colored Titles are now in the game as well! Go check them out.

Have a look at the release notes below to find out all about the Halloween Event!

Halloween 2023 – Summons From Beyond

Halloween Realm Events


During the event, you will be able to fight our witch Totalia three times per Realm. She drops T11 weapons like the Pumpkin Master and also has a chance to drop parts of the Totalia Mystic set. A reskin of the Phylactery Mystic set.

Zombie Horde 

Go and challenge the Zombie Horde in the Realm! Bonegrind the Undead Butcher is surrounded by your zombie counterparts. He drops T11 Weapon reskins and has a chance to drop the Infected Assassin Skin.

Infected Oryx Castle 

The Oryx Castle, its enemies, and Oryx are infected! You will need to use the unique barrel mechanic you already know all about from the Parasite Chamber to open your way to Oryx. 

The Barrel is also the only way to conquer the Stone Guardians and Oryx himself!

We also made some adjustments to the Loot from O1 and O2 during the Event! Infested Oryx 1 now has a chance to drop Tome of Holy Furor. It does no longer drop from Infested Oryx 2.

Infested Oryx 2 now drops the following items with a very low chance:

  • Helm of the Jack-o’-naut
  • Spooky Smasher
  • Cloak of Eerie Trepidation
  • Phantasm Dirk
  • Trap of the Blood Spirit
  • Orb of Terror

Those loot changes only apply during the Halloween Event.

Halloween Dungeon Events

Before we kick off the main dungeon events with our new mod which spawns additional enemies and a cauldron for more loot at the end. The Chest Events in those dungeons will give you the Tokens needed for the Halloween Quests!

DungeonStart DateEnd DateMod/Event
Haunted Cemetery20.10.202307.11.2023Pumpkin Master
Undead Lair18.10.202322.10.2023Chest Event
Parasite Chambers18.10.202322.10.2023Chest Event
Cursed Library20.10.202324.10.2023Chest Event
The Crawling Depths20.10.202324.10.2023Chest Event
Wine Cellar18.10.202324.10.2023Chest Event

Halloween Quests

Quest NameRequirementsTypeRewards
Nightmare Tools40 Pumpkin TalismanOnce Per AccountItem of ChoiceHoly Artifact
Silver Revolvers
Savage Claws
Tormented Shriek
Surrounding Darkness40 Pumpkin TalismanOnce Per AccountItem of ChoiceGarb of the Ordained
Metal-plated Corset
Ragetorn Armor
Lacerated Gown
Midnight Magic40 Pumpkin TalismanOnce Per AccountItem of ChoiceTome of Exorcism
Consecrated Trap
Beastly Mane
Ghastly Mace
The Rings40 Pumpkin TalismanOnce Per AccountItem of ChoicePontifex Ring
Vial of Sustenance
Moonstone Ring
Unresolved Grudge
Trick or Treat30 Pumpkin TalismanOnce Per AccountItem of ChoiceTrap of the Blood Spirit
Orb of Terror
Helm of the Jack-o’-naut
Phantasm Dirk
Cloak of Eerie Trepidation
Spooky Smasher
What’s in the bag?30 Pumpkin TalismanRepeatableItem of ChoiceWitch’s Skull
Demon Pumpkin
Haunted Tombstone
Old Spooky Friends Ix3 Witch’s SkullRepeatableItem of ChoiceBone Bow
Spinal Quiver
Torso Tunic
Collarbone Collar
Stygian Torch
Orb of the Sabbath
Robe of the Enchantress
Witch’s Brooch
Old Spooky Friends IIx3 Demon PumpkinRepeatableItem of ChoiceMaize Machete
Pumpkin Prism
Withered Poncho
Burlap Hat
Hellfire Broadsword
Sacrilege Seal
Tormentor’s Chainmail
Horned Ring
Old Spooky Friends IIIx3 Haunted TombstoneRepeatableItem of ChoiceSupernatural Staff
Spectral Spell
Immortal Mantle
Phantom Pendant
Gravekeeper’s Scythe
Hooded Skull
Executioner’s Garb
Grim Goblet

Halloween Encounter Reskins and Item Reskins

The following enemies received their reskin version and will haunt you inside the realm! 

  • Cube God -> Calcium God
  • Grand Sphinx -> Withered Sphinx
  • Hermit God -> Reanimated Hermit God
  • Ghost Ship -> The Flying Dutchman
  • Skull Shrine -> Pumpkin Shrine

The following Halloween reskins can now drop from their respective encounter:

  • Helm of the Jack-o-naut
  • Spooky Smasher (Sprite Credits: DynamoX) (This i a new reskin of the Barnacle Basher)
  • Cloak of Eerie Trepidation
  • Phantasm Dirk
  • Trap of the Blood Spirit
  • Orb of Terror

Summons From Beyond 

Rise of the Undead – Trick ‘n Treat – Modded Event

The new events bring in some cool changes for Halloween. When you defeat the boss of a specific dungeon, waves of enemies will spawn, and they’ll spawn more enemies as well. Additionally, there’s a Cauldron once you beat the boss of the dungeon. They act like a chest event, spawning several waves of enemies before you can attack the cauldron.

We will share a full list of the dungeons and the loot you can get once the event goes live.

Free Campaign

Go and hunt special tokens and redeem them for points in your Free Campaign. You will be able to unlock the full new Sorcerer Incubus set! The Free Campaign starts on the 24th of October. The Tokens will be dropping from bosses inside our Event Dungeons! During this Free Campaign you will be able to exchange your reskinned event white for another one at the Tinkerer.


  • Adventurer Belt + Backpack
  • Halloween Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Chalice of Bloody Ambrosia
  • Witches Skull
  • Halloween Mystery ST Shard x10
  • Demon Pumpkin
  • Halloween Mystery Pet Skin
  • Haunted Tombstone
  • Bloody Ambrosia
  • Halloween Mystery Skin
  • Heartbreaker Wand
  • Lovesick Scepter
  • Devilish Robes
  • Devil Horn Headband
  • Phantasm Dirk
  • Trap of the Blood Spirit

Also, for the duration of the campaign, you will also be able to exchange any of the Halloween event whites for one another at the Tinkerer. 

Halloween Missions

Take part in new Halloween missions that lets you unlock the Crypt Keeper Gravestone set and more! The new Missions will arrive on the 24th of October! 

Halloween Leaderboard

Starting on the 31.10, two Leaderboards will go live. One for groups and one for solo players! This time you will need to hunt the Boss of the Manor of the Immortals. Every kill will give you a point. 

The Solo Leaderboard will only work via our new Solo Manor of the Immortals Key which you can receive daily from the Mission Tree and the Shop

RankGroup sessionSolo session
1st -> 100thAbyssal Champion Title Shadowcaller Title 
101th -> 200thRaven EmoteDove Emote
201th -> 500thAcolyte of the Abyss Title Acolyte of the Abyss Title

Halloween Nexus

The Nexus is becoming more and more spooky! The spirits of Halloween are let loose so make sure you don’t get surprised!

Halloween Free Pack


  • Halloween Treasure Box – Chance to get Halloween ST Chests and Sets!
  • Halloween Skin Pack I
  • Halloween Skin Pack II 

Coloured Titles

We are adding a new feature to titles. Depending on the title it will now be displayed on your character with a different color! This new color will also be present when you write in the chat. The color depends on the rarity of the title and was based on the rarities of skins!

We currently have six different tiers of titles. 

Tier 1: No Changes

Tier 2: Bronze 

Tier 3: Silver

Tier 4: Gold

Tier 5: Red

Tier 6: Blue

The color depends on the rarity of the title.


In-game Clock

You are now able to view the current server time while you play! 

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the UI shop where the scroll stops randomly with scroll wheel
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip for Packages & Mystery Boxes not displayed when hovering over them in the shop
  • Updated the stack capacity of Healing Ichors from 6 to 5
  • Leaf Bow Shiny no longer drops on non-seasonal characters
  • Mystery Halloween Skin and Mystery Halloween Pet Skins Loot Table have been updated and now have a chance to give other skins.
  • Credits have been updated.
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