O3 Training (this time for real)

Hello Realmers,

Soooo, last week’s testing session didn’t go well… well it didn’t go, actually. This week (fingers crossed) all will go as planned and you’ll be able to practice those Oryx’s Sanctuaries on the testing servers. Please remember to download your testing launcher here (Steam testing environment will not be available).… Read more “O3 Training (this time for real)”


Events highlight: Free O3

Happy New Year, Realmers!

The Oryxmas spirit hasn’t left the building yet, so, after showing you the highlights of 2020, we decided to start the year with a treat: unlocking up Oryx’s Sanctuary from 01/06/21, 12:00 PM UTC until 01/12/21, 12:00 PM UTC

Apart from that, we’ll have chest events running in The Crawling Depths, from 01/06/21, 12:00 PM UTC until 01/10/21, 12:00 PM UTC and on The Shatters, from 01/08/21, 12:00 PM UTC until 01/12/21, 12:00 PM UTC.… Read more “Events highlight: Free O3”