Chief Beisa and Agent of Oryx Items

Development Update

The fourth and final miniboss of Oryx’s Sanctuary has come out of the shadows at long last! But while he’ll be terrorizing you upon the release of Oryx 3’s grand dungeon, we also have some more urgent reveals for a whole host of upcoming abilities, as well as a brand new Exalt feature we think you’ll find interesting.… Read more “Chief Beisa and Agent of Oryx Items”

Public Testing and Leucoryx

Development Update

Greetings once again here in the Realm Exalt blog! There’s a lot of Oryx 3 news to get to!

Exalt Update

While we aren’t quite ready to share more thorough information on the next Exalt update, we do want to note that as bugs gradually get more under control, we have had increased time to focus on quality of life features as well.… Read more “Public Testing and Leucoryx”

Exalt, Oryx 3, and Feed Power

Development Update

Welcome to the new Realm Exalt blog! Now that Exalt has entered the open beta phase, we want to keep you updated as regularly as possible on everything going on regarding development progress, new content, and more! We will be posting a new edition of this blog every Friday going forward, so check back often to stay in the know and get some exclusive previews of what’s to come!… Read more “Exalt, Oryx 3, and Feed Power”

Community Update

Community Update

State of the Project

Hello Realmsters, 

It’s been a while indeed since the last update, but that is because the team have been busy working on the Unity client and getting it ready.  That hard work has finally paid off as we are close to starting the Realm Supporter Beta.… Read more “Community Update”




Used in more calmer scenes like the new Challenger Menu

Mechanical Ambivalence

Dungeon Specific Soundtrack for The Machine

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes, Soundtrack

Improving a Classic Interface to survive decades

Part III: Music and Sounds

Good to see you again, this series of a look Behind the Scenes comes to an end! But worry not, as we are closing in on our target for a beta release we want to further increase our efforts by having more regular, but granular updates on our progress.… Read more “Behind the Scenes”