Month of the Mad God – Extra Gold

Development Update


Month of the Mad God is still running strong and we are approaching the 4th week! Currently, you are able to purchase different kinds of packs and items with discounts in our Shop. To make the decision of what to choose a little bit easier, we will activate a Realm Gold Promotion!

Once again, just like last year we have prepared 3 different gold packs for you.

Buy the Super Gold Pack to receive 500 gold extra. Purchase the Superb Gold Pack and receive 700 Gold extra or go for the Supreme Gold Pack and gain 1400 Gold extra. That’s up to 100% extra Gold!

Summed up, you will be able to get up to 2600 gold extra (that’s around 20 USD)! 

All three packs will be available from 08/18, 08:00 UTC until 08/21, 08:00 UTC

All three packs are limited to 1 per player each.

Here are some packs you can currently find in our shop!

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