Public Testing: Tavern, Crucible and Missions

Development Update


Month of the Mad God is over. You are able to fight some nasty pirates over the weekend and additionally, you are now also able to test some of the upcoming Content for Realm of the Mad God on our public testing server. 

Please have a look at the new Tavern Dungeon, our new Battle Pass, and Mission Tree. Please be aware that some of the things you see might be placeholders.

At the moment the Seasonal and Crucible Mission Trees have placeholder descriptions and rewards. The name of the tree is also a placeholder.

The Tavern

The Tavern is a brand new mini-dungeon in which you will fight a series of the bar’s various Patrons as minibosses before taking the fight to the Barkeep himself. The dungeon is set to be around Mountain Temple in difficulty and will drop from the Beer God. Completing the dungeon will drop greater/standard vitality potions as well as one of 5 new UT items.

Tipsy Topper:

The Right Hook:

Deadly Keg:

Double Vision Darts:

Brewer’s Bangle:

Cask Corslet:

Beer God

The Beer God has also received a small touch-up as he is the drop location of the Tavern. The Beer God will now instead spawn up to twice in the same manner as other realm encounters.

The beer god continues dropping Greaterhosen and Mighty Stein at a high rate (for realm events at least), and now additionally drops the Deadly Keg.

Other Changes

Firewater slot cap 6->3

Cream Spirit mp 150 -> 230

Cream Spirit slot cap 6->3

Other Wine slot cap 6->5

Beer God Drinks slot cap 6->5

Christmas beer god drink reskins have been realigned with their non-reskins

Healing Ichor slot Cap 6->5

Greaterhosen now gives 15 def 8 vit 15 att -7 dex and no longer has its attack-increasing proc

Mighty Stein now gives 2 att instead of 2 dex

New Mission Tree

We mentioned it before a while back. We are working on changing the whole Mission Feature in general. You will now be able to find a new Mission Tree on the Testing Server which is split into Sections.

The first part is for all characters! You no longer need to use a seasonal character to complete those missions for BXP. Additionally, we have special Missions designed for Seasonal Characters and also another batch of Missions for Crucible Characters!

We will adjust those trees further in the future and maybe go for a permanent Mission Tree to also aim to help new players. This will take time and won’t happen at the beginning. 

Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass arrived, go check the rewards out in the game. We also added a repeatable last BP Mission to the Pass.

Crucible V2

In this public testing, we also want to test the concept for the new Crucible which is connected to Character Stats.

Crucible Characters will have the following alterations:

+8 Dex
+8 Wis

-25% Def
-25% Max HP

You will also get a small XP bonus while participating in Crucible on top of other rewards.

As you already saw above, we are moving some of the Trials to Crucible Missions, however, we are keeping the Trials functionality to add extra loot to Bosses for some special Crucible Events.

Let us know what you think about the current challenge and rewards and if you want to see something change!

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