Public Testing: Crucible and Oryxmania II

Development Update


While Month of the Mad God is in full swing, we are having another Testing session! This time you can check out a new mode we have been working on – the Crucible Mode and also the upcoming Oryxmania II Event.

Additionally, please have a look at our Test Battle Pass. This version includes a new type of tier – a repeatable tier! Try to complete them and see if they have any issues.

Crucible Mode

We’re thrilled to announce the Crucible, an exciting new feature designed to introduce more variety during events! Prepare for an extra layer of challenges and modifiers that will put your skills under the ultimate test. Please be aware that this is the first iteration of the feature and we are planning for more changes in the future. 

What is the Crucible?

The Crucible is an optional mode that offers you a series of challenging trials with specific restrictions. Once you accept the challenge, your gaming experience will become more demanding. Each Crucible will have its own set of modifiers and rewards.

These trials are specifically designed for the most skilled and daring players. Both seasonal & regular characters can activate the Crucible mode.

What is a Trial?

In Crucible mode, a “Trial” is a challenging objective that you must complete. Conquer all the trials in a Crucible to earn special rewards and bragging rights.

Meet the Guardian of The Crucible!

A new Crucible NPC has taken residence in the Nexus. Players can visit the Guardian to accept (or opt out of) the available Trial. Any existing character is eligible to take on the trials, so no one gets left behind!

Crucible Character

Once you accept the Crucible, your character’s sprite in the Char UI will have a yellow border. This is how you can distinguish your characters!

The Crucible Duration

To keep the adventure fresh and exciting, the Crucible will vary in duration. Some will be available for an entire season, while others will run during shorter events, providing quicker new trials. 

The First Trial

To kick things off, we present the “Pet Rock Trial” where your pet is replaced with a trusty pet rock. It can’t do much, but it really tries. The trial? Defeat the bosses of various dungeons without the assistance of your pet’s magic. Will you be able to rely solely on your own skills to come out victorious?

Rewards and Bonuses

Complete all the trials to conquer the Crucible and earn exclusive rewards. Plus, for those courageous enough to participate, we’re offering a +11% BXP bonus!

Future Updates

We’ll soon be rolling out more trials with new modifiers and rewards gradually. This first iteration of the system is one of many, so let us know what you think, any feedback is welcome! 

Oryxmania II

Oryxmania is back for a second round! While the event is still in development most of the core elements are there for testing and feedback this week.

You can begin by either finding and killing the reskinned Keyper, who will drop the portals to access the Rumble dungeons, or by playing the associated dungeon. Those are:

  • Puppet Master’s Theatre
    • This leads to the Encore Rumble arena
  • Ocean Trench
    • This leads to the Ocean Rumble arena
  • Secluded Thicket
    • This leads to the Thicket Rumble arena
  • Deadwater Docks
    • This leads to the Crab Rumble arena

After each fight you will be given a choice – keep fighting or bow out. If you leave you can do so through a Treasure Room which will provide you with tokens to spend in the event. You will get one if you have beaten one arena, and two, if you have beaten two.

After the second Arena battle, you will also have the chance to face off against Oryx in his final Rumble.

Oryxmania Quests

Oryxmania Deja-Vu IOnce Per Account Oryxmania Cheer Token x20 Arena Gladiator Paladin Skin
Oryxmania Deja-Vu IIOnce Per Account Oryxmania Cheer Token x20 Luchadora Kensei Skin
Oryxmania Deja-Vu IIIOnce Per Account Oryxmania Cheer Token x20 Wrestling Referee Priest Skin
Oryxmania Deja-Vu IVOnce Per Account Oryxmania Cheer Token x20 Masked Dominator Knight Skin
Oryxmania Merch PassOnce Per Account Oryxmania Cheer Token x20 Gladiator Oryx Emote
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