Update – Season 8 & Tavern

Development Update


September is soon coming to an end and we are preparing everything needed for Halloween 2023 behind the scenes. Until then you will be able to enjoy the next update of Realm of the Mad God. Please welcome our newest dungeon to the game “The Tavern”. A brand new dungeon set around the Mountain Temple when it comes to difficulty. You can have a look at the new UTs from the dungeon down below. 

Season 8 starts today with a brand new Mission Tree which is now available for non-seasonal characters! Some Missions are still exclusive for seasonal and crucible characters. A new Battle Pass comes with the start of the season, and the second season of the Crucible Mode arrives, called “Glass Cannon”. We didn’t forget about new Shinies either, including two directly from the community!

Please make sure to check out our “Event Survey” at the end of this blog post. We are very interested in your opinion regarding our events and would like to get your feedback. We will pick 3 random winners who will receive 2000 Realm Gold each from everyone who takes part in the survey. 

The Tavern

The Tavern is a brand new mini-dungeon in which you will fight a series of the bar’s most pugnacious patrons as minibosses before taking the fight to the belligerent barkeep himself. The dungeon is set to be around Mountain Temple in difficulty and will drop from the Beer God. The Beer God has received some adjustments. More about this down below.

Tipsy Topper:

The Right Hook:

Deadly Keg:

Double Vision Darts:

Brewer’s Bangle:

Cask Corslet:

Beer God

The Beer God has also been tweaked as he is the drop location of the Tavern. The Beer God will now spawn up to twice in the same manner as other realm encounters.

The Beer God continues to drop Greaterhosen and Mighty Stein at a high rate (for realm events at least), and now additionally drops the Deadly Keg.

Other Changes

Fire water slot cap 6->3

Cream Spirit mp 150 -> 230

Cream Spirit slot cap 6->3

Other Wine slot cap 6->5

Beer God Drinks slot cap 6->5

Christmas Beer God drink reskins have been realigned with their non reskins

Greaterhosen now gives 15 def, 8 vit, 15 att, -7 dex and no longer has its attack increasing proc.

Mighty Stein now gives 2 att instead of 2 dex.

Season 8

Season 7 is coming to an end! So please welcome the next Season. This time it’s all about Oryxtober and the Tavern. Ever wanted to try out Lederhosen or a Dirndl? Well now is the time!

Check out our new Battle Pass and the Mission tree split into three parts for non-seasonal, seasonal and crucible characters!

We have also added a bunch of new shinies to the game!

Mission Tree

We are moving away from Missions being exclusive for seasonal characters. You will now be able to complete a vast amount of missions on any kind of character. We have Missions that still can only be completed on seasonal characters but most of them can be done on any character.

Crucible Characters can now complete missions! We are moving slightly away from the Tinkerer to get your crucible rewards. There will still be some Tinkerer Crucible quests, but the majority of Crucible activities will be found in the mission tree. 

The Missions received an update from the latest PT Session so make sure you check them out! 

Crucible Mystery Chest:

Oryxtober Mystery Chest:

Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass has arrived! This time around with the Oryxtober theme. We are now also introducing the repeatable milestone feature. 

Once you have finished the Battle Pass, every 20000 BXP you will be able to complete another milestone to receive one Royal Epic Quest chest.

The Crucible – Glass Cannon

The first version of The Crucible is coming to an end and the new Crucible will be a little different. Gone is your ‘trusty’ millstone of a pet rock. This time with a few tweaks to stats we turn you into a Glass Cannon – higher rate of fire, more damage, but a bit more squishy. The idea being is to change up the gameplay a little. We’ve got more fun challenges planned for future Crucibles, and will tweak the feature based on your feedback, so get stuck in and tell us what you think. You will be able to complete special Missions on the Seasonal Mission tree when using a Crucible Character. Additionally we might activate more trials later on.

New Shiny Items

You will be able to find new shiny items in the game! They are dropping from their original drop location. Two of our newest shiny items were directly taken from the Fan Content entries!

  • Dirk of Cronus
  • Double Vision Darts
  • Cubic Seal (Credits: CosmicTF)
  • Leaf Bow (Credits: CEColon) 
  • Skull of Corrupted Souls


You will be able to find some new offers in the shop! If you require more Seasonal Vault Space now that a new season starts you can have a look at the Seasonal Vault Box giving you up to 20 Vault Space Unlockers for Seasonal.

We are getting closer and closer to the spooky season so why not invite a Garlic Buddy to the party with the Spooky Season Skin Pack 1. In case you prefer to go outside for trick or treating, the Spooky Season Skin Pack 2 is the perfect pack.

Fixes & Changes

  • Added a search bar to the Dye section in the Wardrobe.
  • Stat changes based on enchantments are now also applied when hovering over the item in the Vault.
  • In dungeons all players are now shown when using /who and in the discovery panel.
  • Advanced Nest will no longer have issues spawning after a new update. 
  • Updated the description of accelerators.

Event Survey

We are very interested in your opinion regarding our recent and past events! In order to adjust them further we require some feedback from all of you. It doesn’t matter if you are an endgame player or just play a few hours a week. Any kind of input you can share with us helps a lot to improve the future events of the game!

Please fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXZmKJKhQENR4FEy2_yuo8bsLrnr03oAGadWO-j-oetk1Fjw/viewform

We will pick 3 IGNs from all entries. Those players will receive 2000 Realm Gold each!

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