Public Testing: Realm Rework and The Tavern

Development Update

Reworked Realmers,

It’s time for another “small” Public Testing session on the Realm rework! This time you’ll see new maps, a moderately revamped leveling experience, equipment power levels, as well as some new set pieces and encounters! Additionally during this PT you will be able to try out our next new dungeon called “The Tavern” which you were able to test a while ago.

Realm Rework

  • New Maps: Since the last Public Testing session, we have created 2 additional maps. These maps are a different shape than the original but maintain the same biomes (with the addition of the mid and low desert biomes.)
  • Leveling experience
    • All classes now start with an additional 10 points on the speed stat (their max stays the same.)
    • All classes now start with an additional 5, 7, or 10 extra dexterity depending on their max stat.
    • All classes are able to gain 0 to 1 def upon level up.
    • All classes no longer can roll a +0 on a stat upon level up (except for def).
    • Experience gain across the rookie section of the realm has been doubled.
    • All enemies in the rookie section of the realm have been given a 50% class bias on their loot drops.

Overall these changes intend to make the leveling process a more enjoyable experience as well as leaving the player better prepared on their stats and equipment as they reach level 20 and head into the Adept sections of the realm.

  • Equipment Power Levels: Tiered gear now grants a power level based on the strength of the individual item. For weapons, t14 starts off at 200 power level and as you go down in tier the difference in power level is reduced by the same percentage as dps (damage per second). Armors and rings will give power levels based on which stats they grant.
    • Attack, Defense, and Dexterity are worth 3 points each.
    • Speed is worth 2 points.
    • Wisdom and Vitality are worth 1 point each.
    • Max Health is worth 0.5 points.
    • Max Magic is worth 0.25 points.

These power levels stats will eventually be used to determine what quests you’ll be pointed towards. For example if your power level is ~200 you’re probably a fresh level 20 and so the quest you’ll be prioritized towards is the Alpha Werewolf. While players who are geared and stated a bit will be quested towards Cube Gods and Skull Shrines. Basically, as your power level increases, so does the strength of the quest you’ll be recommended.

The Tavern

This testing session also features a new dungeon, the Tavern. This is a single room dungeon in which you will participate in a bar brawl with various patrons of the bar as minibosses representing different factions within the realm. The dungeon is planned to have a difficulty around Mountain Temple level and to drop from a new and improved Beer God who will be incorporated into the standard realm encounter cycle.

Currently on testing this dungeon is not fully completed with art or attack telegraphs, as such some of the fight may feel a little rough around the edges but hopefully it can still give a good demonstration of the overall dungeon.

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