MotMG: What we know so far

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Hello Realmers,

We decided to compile all the videos our partnered content creators have released so far so that you can have an overall perspective of what is to come.

If you have not, please check out all the videos and subscribe to their channels.… Read more “MotMG: What we know so far”

Wotan: “I’m a big Norse Mythology nerd”

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Hello Realmers,

He’s been with you since October 2020, loves to cook, and has a cat named Balder which you’ve probably seen on a Tuesday Livestream. 

IGN, Nationality, and Age?

Wotansson, Portuguese, 40

What is your job? Tell us about it

I’m the community manager.… Read more “Wotan: “I’m a big Norse Mythology nerd””

Brillo: “getting a white bag is an amazing feeling”

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Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you one of the moderators from the official Discord Server. Loves the Socerer and wants an Assassin rework pretty badly. Meet Brillo.

Nationality and Age?

I’m 22 years old and I was born in Trinidad but grew up in the US.… Read more “Brillo: “getting a white bag is an amazing feeling””

Beep, Boop. Beeeeep!

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Hello Realmers,

Something went terribly wrong at the Mad Lab!  Dr. Terrible’s experiments went, once again, sideways and the tech he was trying to import from other dimensions is now available for the taking of the heroes who dare to enter not only the lab but High Tech Terror as well.… Read more “Beep, Boop. Beeeeep!”


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Hello Realmers,

This update brings some minor changes and bug fixes that you may notice. Here’s what changed:

  • Fixed the Mystery Trickster ST Crate description: the correct name of the Ring ST is “Flames of Genesis”.
  • Mystery ST Crate now drops items from the Corrupted Paladin ST Set as well as the Daeva Fighter Trickster ST Set.
Read more “Update”

A Freshen-up Event (and a goodbye)

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Hello Realmers,

Is this summer getting too hot to handle? Chill out with this cool event on Ice Cave and Ice Tomb. Both dungeons will have Chest events associated with their completion. The event on Ice Cave starts on Friday, the 16th of July, at 12 PM UTC and lasts till Monday, 19th at 12 PM UTC.… Read more “A Freshen-up Event (and a goodbye)”