The Kensei competition is over…

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. . .But a new one starts tomorrow, the 31st of December, and ends on the 17th of January, 12 PM UTC.

During Oryxmas 2021 we are running a ranking for the campaigns.

The Ranking is based on your consumed campaign tokens, which means the player with the most consumed tokens is going to be on top.… Read more “The Kensei competition is over…”

A new week with new events!

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The year is soon coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean that our events are ending! You are not sure about what’s coming up? Go check out our event calendar to stay up to date.
But to make sure you have all the information you could need, we are going to share more with you!… Read more “A new week with new events!”

Willow: Realm combines many genres into one

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You may know her as WillowDG, she’s 31 and comes from Bulgaria and she’s one of the members of our Customer Support Team. Meet Willow

What is your job? Tell us about it. 

As a lot of you guys have already seen, I am a relatively new addition to Realm’s Customer Support team.… Read more “Willow: Realm combines many genres into one”

An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop

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Ho ho ho, Realmers,

We noticed that many of you were wondering about the Santa’s Workshop, so we wanted to make it clear for you how to clear this dungeon. Also, we have some news to share:

  • Good news to all of you whose accounts are turning 7 this Oryxmas: you can now get the Veteran skins if your account was created before the 18th of January of 2015 (instead of the 14th of December of 2014).
Read more “An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop”

Time for more Events in December!

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Mighty Realmers!

It is time for another update regarding our upcoming events! Here you can once again see our event calendar for December and January. For a bigger version follow this link to the calendar.

As you have probably noticed, the Labyrinth Dwellers won the Channeling.… Read more “Time for more Events in December!”