Update: – Season 14 Part 2

Development Update


We hope you are still having a lot of fun with the Realm Rework Open Beta. We are receiving a lot of valuable feedback on our Discord and hope to get even more in the future. Now it’s time to jump into some new events, the second part of this Season’s Battle Pass, Missions, and more! Additionally, we prepared some changes and adjustments to the Realm Rework Open Beta.

New Missions

We have added several new Missions to the Tree. Go check them out! 

New Battle Pass

The second part of the Battle Pass has arrived! Collect BXP again, finish new Missions and collect new rewards.

New Shinys

With a new part of the Season, we also decided to introduce new Shinys! They are available as always on seasonal characters.

  • Quartermaster Scabbard
  • Crystal Mace
  • Void Blade
  • E.Y.E.
  • Esben’s Shaman Attire
  • Pirate Kings Cutlass

Blooming Flowers

Summertime is just around the corner and flowers are blooming again! Unfortunately for the Realmers, some Flowers decided to invade some of our dungeons. Go slay them and collect Tokens to finish our Free Campaign to unlock the Floral Demise Gravestone Set! The Event runs from the 7th of May until the 21st of May.

Dungeon Events

During the Event after you kill minions in the Event Dungeons, flowers will start growing on the ground. Once they finish growing, they will start shooting at you! So be quick to defeat them. These flowers will drop the “Seeds of Bounty” as Tokens which you will redeem for your Campaign. They have additional rewards that can drop.

Chest Event

The following dungeons will host a Chest Event during the time of the Event:

  • The Void
  • Advanced Steamworks
  • Fungal + Crystal Cavern

1.5x XP and Loot Event

The following dungeons will host a 1.5x XP and Loot Event during the time of the Event:

  • Sprite World
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Third Dimension
  • Woodland Labyrinth

Realm Rework Changes

  • Reduced HP scaling across all new encounters.
  • Removed Blind, Darkness, and Confused effects from remaining encounters that still had them.
  • Fix for Advanced Nest and Advanced Steamworks dropping two portals stacked on each other.
  • Phylactery Mystic Set items now drop from Dead Church biome.
  • Daring Discoverer Samurai Set items now drop from the Abandoned City biome.
  • Hollow King Necromancer Set items now drop from the Haunted Hallows biome.
  • Rightmost-bottom Beach biome has been removed.
  • Loot table fixes for Grand Dragonfly, Sinister Scarecrow, Death Knight, Graverobber’s Guild, and Demonic Effigy.
  • Gameplay tweaks for Sentient Monolith, Corrupted Bramblethorn, The Lich King, Flesh Golem, Infernal Ironsmith, Sinister Scarecrow, Insurgent Rebels.
  • Soft lock fixes for Adult Baneserpent and Assembled Giant.
  • Stasis immunity applied to various Heroes of Oryx.
  • Reduce the random movement speed of most enemies in Veteran biomes.
  • Gameplay balance for some enemies in Veteran biomes.
  • Name changes applied to some Heroes of Oryx and Adept biome enemies.

Fixes & Changes

  • Ninja base vitality increased from 12 to 23.
  • Several changes to the UI were applied.
  • Changed the name of the Seasonal Potion Vault Expansion to Seasonal Potion Rack Expansion.
  • Updated the Sprite of the Seasonal Vault Expansion.
  • Fixed an issue with a Title disconnecting other players from the Nexus.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong title was dropping after defeating Trumi.
  • The following skins can now be exchanged for Crystal of Fortunes: Choco Bunny Assassin Skin, Star Bunny Summoner Skin, Serpent Necromancer Skin, Scarab Sentinel Paladin Skin, Pharaoh’s Guardian Huntress Skin
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