Event: Secret of the Desert

Development Update

Realming Realmers!

While the Realm Rework Open Beta is soon starting, we have one more event coming up before that. Dive down into the depths of the Tomb of the Ancients, the Ancient Ruins, Lost Halls and Shatters and collect Tablets!

Dungeon Events

The Event starts on the 16.04 and ends on the 30.04 at 12 UTC.

Tomb of the Ancients

  • Chest Event 
  • 50% Chance to spawn with Souvenir I Mod
  • Guaranteed Ancient Tablet 1x. 40% Chance for an additional one

Ancient Ruins

  • 1.5x Loot and XP
  • 24% Chance to spawn with Found Treasure! I Mod
  • Guaranteed Ancient Tablet 1x

Lost Halls

  • Chest Event 
  • Generous dungeon Mod.
  • Guaranteed Stone Tablet 1x. 50% Chance for an additional one from The Void.

The Shatters

  • Chest Event 
  • Lingering Magi Dungeon Mod
  • Guaranteed Kings Tablet 1x. 40% Chance for an additional one


Unearthing SecretsRepeatableAncient Tablet x10Buried Treasure
Ancient JewelsRepeatableAncient Tablet x20Crystal of Fortune x5
Archeological FindingsOnce per account, Item of ChoiceAncient Tablet x20Arcane Rapier
Amber Encrusted Helmet
Sandstone Seal
A Broken MythOnce per accountAncient Tablet x60Pharaoh’s Requiem
A Mighty PrayerOnce per accountAncient Tablet x60Tome of Holy Protection
Colossal PowerOnce per account, Item of ChoiceStone Tablet x60Sword of the Colossus
Marble Seal
Breastplate of New Life
Magical Lodestone
Long Forgotten Artifacts IOnce per account,
Item of Choice
King’s Tablet x60Valor
Dusky Catalyst
Long Forgotten Artifacts IIOnce per account,
Item of Choice
King’s Tablet x60Sentinel’s Sidearm
Primal Arcana
Vanguard’s Visage
Polarity Poison
Noble Mandolin
The DiscovererOnce per accountAncient Tablet x50Discoverer of the Oasis Title Unlocker
Desert DwellersOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ancient Tablet x80Fire Battlemaiden Wizard Skin
Cleopatra Priestess Skin
Grail Warden Knight Skin
Foreign Prince Paladin Skin
Fire Goddess Mystic Skin
Sand Wanderer Trickster Skin
Pharaoh Ninja Skin
Fire Flower Samurai Skin
Critters of the OasisOnce per account,
Item of Choice
Ancient Tablet x80Vulture Pet Stone
Desert Scorpion Pet Stone
Desert Cobra Pet Stone
Giant Worm Pet Stone
Unpredictable circumstancesOnce per accountAncient Tablet x40Sand Tornado Emote
An unconventional companionOnce per accountScorching Tablet x50Red Hot Scarab Pet Skin
The Sandstorm BringerOnce per accountScorching Tablet x20Sandstorm Bringer
Heat ResilienceRepeatableScorching Tablet x10Crucible Mystery Chest


Tomb of the Ancients

  • Guaranteed Scorching Tablet x1

Lost Halls

  • Guaranteed Scorching Tablet x1. 50% chance for an additional one.

The Shatters

  • Guaranteed Scorching Tablet x2
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