Update: – Season 15

Development Update


As announced some days ago, Season 14 is coming to an end. If you missed this information please check out our latest blogpost. But with one season ending a new one is right around the corner. This update also brings in the Voucher System and the first parts of the Fog of War removal.

Season 15

Season 14 Part 2 is coming to an end and that brings us Season 15! Brand new shinys, Missions and a new Battle Pass awaits you. Go check out all the information down below!

Battle Pass

All rewards: https://imgur.com/gallery/battle-pass-season-15-vpnSMRZ



New Shinys

As always, a new season means new shinys! They are available as always on seasonal characters.

  • Staff of Extreme Prejudice
  • Shield of Flowing Clarity
  • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds
  • Recurring Terror Spell
  • Ritual Robe
  • Primal Arcana

S15 Emotes

During the whole season you will be able to receive different emotes depending on where you go.

The Ocean Trench has a chance to drop the following emotes from the boss:

  • Surprised Thessal Emote
  • Grumpy Fish Emote
  • Sly Squid Emote
  • Adorable Slurp Emote

The Beachzone has a chance to drop the following emote for a crucible character:

  • Beachzone emote

New Effects

Introducing the Energizing Bubbles and Whirlpools. The whirlpools come in different variations. When players step on them they grow in size, chase players, deal dmg and apply a confuse debuff. 

Energizing Bubbles will buff players that stay close to them. 

“Thessal’s Tides” Event

With the new season also comes a new event! Running from the 4th of June until the 18th of June players will be able to collect Tokens inside some special dungeons. They might be flooded and be careful. Traps might await you.

  • Pirate Cave – 20% for Thessal’s Shell x1
  • Deadwater Docks – Guaranteed Thessal’s Shell x1
  • Ocean Trench – Guaranteed Thessal’s Shell x1
  • Kogbold Steamworks – Guaranteed Thessal’s Shell x2
  • Advanced Kogbold Steamworks – Guaranteed Thessal’s Shell x2 with 50% chance for one more.

Ocean Trench additionally will have a 1.5X XP and Loot Boost active during the time of the event. 

Additionally, Crucible players will have a chance to receive Tidal Horns as a Token at the same drop rate as the Thessal Shells. 


The following quest will reset after 1 week and will be able to be completed again:

  • Ready For a Dive
  • Finding Hero
Thessal’s TreasureDailyThessal’s Shell x10Mystery Ocean Shell
Secrets of the OceanDailyTidal Horn x10Ancient Schematic x5
Ready For a DiveItem of Choice, Once per accountThessal’s Shell x40Ducky Knight Skin
Undine Sorcerer Skin
Scuba Diver Huntress Skin
Swimsuit Ninja Skin
Swimsuit Summoner Skin
Lifeguard Priest Skin
Swimsuit Mystic Skin
Swimsuit Kensei Skin
Finding HeroItem of Choice, Once per accountThessal’s Shell x40Lil’ Ice Cream Pet Skin
Fizzy Drink Pet Skin
Mini Whale Pet Skin
Surfing Bro Pet Skin
Enchanted Sea Turtle Pet Skin
Octopus Pet Skin
Twilight Angler Pet Skin
Aquarius Pet Skin
Coral CaptainOnce per accountThessal’s Shell x20The Coral Captain Title Unlocker
Tidal TitanOnce per accountTidal Horn x20The Tidal Titan Title Unlocker

Fog of War

We did some further testing of the removal of the Fog of War from the game. In a first step with this update, we are going to remove the Fog of War from all safe spaces in the game:

  • The Nexus
  • The Vault
  • The Daily Quest Room
  • The Petyard
  • Guild Hall
  • The Bazaar

For anyone facing performance drop, Extended Field of View can be turned off from Options.

Options > Video > Quality > Extended Field of View

Voucher System

We tested this just recently and are now ready to take it into the game. The Voucher System can now be found in the Shop Interface. This won’t have a direct use but in the future you will be able to receive special codes which you can redeem for items via social media events, giveaways and more!

Fixes & Changes

  • Power Level tooltips added to many UT/ST weapons, armors and rings.
  • Class bias added to Oryx 2 loot drops.
  • “Engraving boost” mod now correctly applies to both Advanced dungeons.
  • Biome UTs can no longer be placed in pet saddlebags.
  • Fix for hallway edges in Deadwater Docks, Pirate Cave, The Third Dimension.
  • Esben the Unwilling has an increased rate of Potion of Dexterity.
  • Tomb of the Ancients only requires 3 Sarcophagi to activate bosses. Sarcophagi have new loot drops.
  • Killer Bee Queen now drops Hivemind Mace.
  • Fix to Moonlight Village teleporting bug.
  • Reduced HP and DEF of Fishman Warrior in Ocean Trench.
  • Decreased spawn rate of Deep Sea Beast in Ocean Trench.
  • Portal of Cowardice location fix in Kogbold Steamworks.
  • Fix to teleporting bug in The Shatters.
  • Reduced general enemy HP in The Third Dimension.
  • Key Fairy now moves towards players before dropping loot.

Realm Rework Changes

  • Many new encounters, setpieces received new enemy art.
  • Veteran / Adept biomes received new visibility-focused projectile art.
  • Oryx Taunts for encounters are implemented in the New Realm.
  • Dungeon drops reworked for Adept and Veteran biome enemies.
  • Heroes of Oryx in the New Realm have increased potion drop rate.
  • Heroes of Oryx in the New Realm now respawn periodically.
  • Heroes of Oryx locations are randomized during generation of New Realms.
  • Encounter spawning system no longer prefers the last spawned location.
  • Static generation no longer renders over Heroes of Oryx setpieces.
  • Encounter spawning system no longer excludes Abandoned City.
  • Numerous gameplay changes to Veteran encounter bosses.
  • Beacons no longer block enemy movement before being activated.
  • Beacons now remove nearby enemies upon activation.
  • Beacons have new animations.
  • Veteran Beacon Guardians are reworked and have new loot tables with Biome UTs.
  • Hallows Ghost God spawn rate reduced and drops the correct Biome UT.
  • Fixed Sprite Forest with Coral Reef generation.
  • Fix to Bloodbath Blade and Cloak of the Deep tooltips.
  • Fix issues related to Fishing in new Realms.
  • Fix typos for Organ Harvester.
  • Mysterious Crystal functions properly in New Realms.
  • Candy Gnome now properly spawns in the New Realms.
  • Grand Dragonfly no longer guarantees Sulfurous Wetlands portals.
  • Fraudulent Tiger now has a delay before attacking.
  • Alpha Werewolf no longer wanders away from its spawn location.
  • Reduce frequency of Slowed effect in Coral Reefs enemies.
  • Corsair Crab now spawns in the Deep Sea Abyss.
  • Adjusted HP of Corsair Crab, Great Owl, and Sting Spider.
  • Changed behavior of Sanguine Harpy.
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