Information: End of Season 14

Development Update


We have received some feedback from all of you over the weekend regarding the topic of our Season 14 Part 2 ending tomorrow. After a lot of discussions internally and evaluating what we can do to assist players who were not able to finish the Battle Pass or planned to finish it originally during the last week, we came to the following decision.

1: Everyone who purchased the Battle Pass before this announcement will receive the remaining Milestones they weren’t able to complete yet, for free in the next days after the release.
2: If you purchased the “Battle Pass Milestone Boost” at any point during this Battle Pass, you will be refunded the gold.
3: You will find a Free Pack when logging into the game as a small compensation for the inconvenience this topic caused.

Once again, we are sorry for sharing all of the information regarding the end of Season 14 so late. Please make sure to claim your current rewards! They will be lost if you do not claim them by tomorrow.

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