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After showing all of you the new Weapon Types we are working on, it is time for another update in Realm. This one is all about fixes to some pesky problems in the game. From fixes for our dungeon modifiers in certain situations to The Killer Bee Queen losing her favorite Aprils Fools Sprite. We got you covered.
You can also have a look at our upcoming events, with the Reconstruction Event running wild now!

What changes:

Dungeon Modifiers

  • We have fixed an edge case in the game files where some enemies didn’t apply some dungeon mods correctly, like XP modifiers. This bug affected only minions and only some of them.
  • We have fixed a bug where some dungeon mods had problems when rerolled and they would appear with a lot less frequency than intended when the key was rerolled, even if being compatible with the key.


  • The Killer Bee Queen has still had her April fools sprite active. She is now back to her original beauty.
  • The Tidal Wave Kensei skin’s dye mask is no longer showing black squares.
  • The Playful Bunny Pet Skin now has its shadow directly under itself when attacking.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an effect to linger indefinitely if a user got hit by an AoE status effect while invulnerable
  • Fixed a bug that caused vault rollback when vaulting multiple modded keys
  • Removed the delay that happened when a player selected Knight, equipped Crystal Shield, and held the ability button to trigger “Invulnerability on self”.
  • Fixed a visual bug that gave the impression to the player that if he bought a pack that had a purchase limit and immediately reopened the shop, the limit would be reset. 

Other changes:

  • The Spring Nexus is active but this time around with Reconstruction decorations.
  • Class Mystery Skins no longer show a list of possible drops, which was inaccurate. They now show: “Grants a random Skin for this class when used”.
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