New Weapon Types! Part 1

Development Update


Today we are going to share with you some information regarding our new weapon subtypes. They are going to be introduced into the game later this year. We prepared six different ones for all of you guys to enjoy. Here are three of them. The other part will be showcased soon, so stay tuned. We are beginning our journey into the subtypes with the Dual Blades followed by the Tachi and ending with the Flail.

All new Subtypes come in 2 versions. The Tiered weapon and the UT. The playstyle vastly differs depending on the type you are using.

Please keep in mind that all showcased weapons are still a work in progress and up to potential changes.

Dual Blades (Dagger Subtype):

Tiered: Dual Blades fire two shots slightly offset from the center (but still close enough together to hit the same target). Overall higher dps for decreased range and increased required accuracy when compared to normal daggers

UT: The “Fractal Blades” have the base shots pierce and at the halfway point and end of the blades range they split into two additional non-piercing projectiles adding more damage for spacing at either of those points.



Tachi (Katana Subtype):

Tiered: Crossing blades shoot two shots offset to the sides and in front of the player, these shots are angled inwards to cross each other at a specified range in front of the player. Crossing blades provide highly increased damage with the downside of requiring much better positioning which can’t be circumvented by getting close enough to an enemy.

UT: The “Memory of the Fallen” crossing blades have a shot pattern that switches every few seconds, this changes the hit zone from a smaller one to a longer one.



Flail (Sword Subtype):

Tiered: Flails fire a chain of 3 projectiles each with a different range, all of which will boomerang back to the player at the same time, creating a chain like effect similar to the Soulcursed Scythe dagger. Flails aim to provide a piercing tool for melee players that are usually lacking them, this is balanced by the slow fire rate of the weapon as well as the difficulty in hitting all the projectiles.

UT: The “Barnacle Basher” fires a longer chain headed by an anchor, this flail is even slower than usual but does massive damage when hitting the endpoint.



We hope you enjoy the first glance at our upcoming weapons. We are looking forward to your first feedback!

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