The Reconstruction Event!

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Constructive Realmers,

The 3rd iteration of Into Shards and Pieces is in full swing! Make sure you have a look at our previous announcement to take part in the activities.

Summer is almost upon us, and the time for public works is nigh. The annual inspection of the Realm’s Reconstruction projects is at hand, and construction crews are en route to the Snake Pit, Undead Lair, and Deadwater Docks to inspect their handiwork. They will also be scouting potential new locations along the way for renovation! Join the crew, gather Bricks, and build together.

The Reconstruction Redux event starts on May 17 and will end on May 31. It will have the following components:

TokenHow to obtain?Stack size
Brick – new tokenSnake Pit: Brick x1
Undead Lair: Brick x1
Deadwater Docks: Brick x3
Wine Cellar: Brick x5
Construction Skin AgreementSnake Pit
Undead Lair
Deadwater Docks
Wine Cellar
Construction Weapon BoxSnake Pit
Undead Lair
Deadwater Docks
Wine Cellar
Construction Armor BoxSnake Pit
Undead Lair
Deadwater Docks
Wine Cellar

You can use the above tokens (you may have some of the last three saved up from the last time Reconstruction was in the Realm) in the following quests:

First JobBrick x20Laborer’s Hard HatOnce per day
A Professional’s PackageBrick x20 x2Construction Weapon Box OR
Construction Armor Box
Item of choice
Promoted!Brick x20 x3Operator’s Hard HatOnce a week
(17 May – 24 May and 24 May – 31 May)
Machine SupportBrick x20 x3Road Roller Penguin Pet Skin OR
Mobile Crane Penguin Pet Skin
Once per account
Item of choice
Hat of AuthorityBrick x20 x5Foreman’s Hard HatOnce per account
Hard WorkerBrick x20 x6Beefcake Constructor Knight SkinOnce per account
Personal Protective EquipmentConstruction Skin AgreementConstruction Skin of choice from the MotMG: Reconstruction collectionRepeatable
Item of choice
Utalitarian Protective EquipmentConstruction Skin Agreement x8Traffic Cone Trickster Skin OR
Whack-a-Warrior Skin OR
Jackhammer Constructor Knight Skin OR
Wrench Constructor Ninja Skin OR
Hammer Constructor Priest Skin OR
House Painter Paladin Skin OR
Traffic Controller Penguin Pet Skin OR
Hungry Toolbox Pet Skin
Once per account, Item of choice
Drillin’ and Chillin’Construction Weapon BoxSpatula Dagger OR
Nail Gun Bow OR
Screwdriver Staff OR
Measuring Wand OR
Hammer Sword OR
Sawblade Katana
Item of choice
Safety FirstConstruction Armor BoxFitted Construction Vest OR
Magic Construction Vest OR
Heavy Construction Vest
Item of choice

In addition, Snake Pit and the Undead Lair will drop the Laborer’s Hard Hat, while Deadwater Docks and the Wine Cellar will be dropping the Operator’s Hard Hat.

The dungeons will host the following events throughout the duration of the event:

DungeonDungeon ModifierMultiplier
Snake PitFound Treasure I1.5x loot and XP
Undead LairSouvenir I1.5x loot and XP
Deadwater DocksCrab Rave I1.5x loot and XP
Wine CellarGenerous1.5x loot and XP

From the 20th of May, you will also be able to find new Construction themed skins in the shop. The likes of:
Ultimate Handyman Assassin Skin
Lady Foreman Summoner Skin
Drill Operator Huntress Skin
Clean-Up Crew Bard Skin

They will be available in our traditional packs of 2 skins. But there will also be a special promo pack containing all 4 new skins with a 22% discount! 

Also for the duration of the whole event, Construction skins from previous years will be available in the shop with discounts.

Enjoy the Reconstruction season!

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