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Shoutout to TLMaelstrom for the amazing Baragon Sprite.

Hello Realmers,

Remember that valentine’s interview with Tiffit and Kuri? Well, since we had such a good response from the community, we decided to start a round of interviews between active members of the community and Deca Staff. Today we let you know a bit more about Baragon, 27, from Bulgaria. Known amongst the team for being the meetings comic relief, you may find her on Discord, Reddit, or just chilling in game…

How did you endup on Deca?
In a very regular way: through a listing on a job platform. I had been freelancing for years and was looking for a change. Since I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I got very lucky to find a cool job like this one!

What is your favorite dungeon and why?
The Machine. I love everything about The Machine. It’s hilarious and so very meta, and it’s fun to play!

What are the things you love the most on the game?
I love many things, and as an artist I am always hyped about the continuing improvement of Realm’s aesthetics, but what always blows my mind is the community. I think it is a very unique and passionate one, and among the more accepting ones I have been a part of.

And what could be improved?
As a decade-old MMO that has been through 3 companies and many iterative changes, there are many things that can and will be improved in Realm. I think the new player experience and the pet system are some of my bigger pet peeves.

Tell us the story behind the character “Baragon”…
Godzilla movies. I love them. I also love rodents. They are wondrous and exciting. Baragon is a kaiju from the Godzilla franchise, he looks like a rodent and he is canonically seen as cute. Big monster! Check him out in Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack!

Are you a gamer? What are your favorite games and why?
Oh yes. I grew up with DOS and old Windows games, and as an adult I got more into gaming with my partner and friends. So I am heavily biased towards PC, multiplayer and competitive games, and for some reason games with a top-down view. My favourite game ever is Starcraft II! On the board game side, I am pretty good at Japanese Mahjong, and have recently been getting into roleplaying D&D and Mouse Guard.

Have you always wanted to work on the games industry? What is, or was your dream job?
While gaming is my main hobby, I never actually thought about working in it, probably because I didn’t think I’d find such a job. Now that I do, I love it and I think I’ll be doing it for the forseeable future! It’s really fun and rewarding. But I can’t say that I’m on board with the “dream job” term – my dreams don’t usually have to do with being employed. My dream job is to be a forest dwelling witch. In the realm of the achievable, I generally like to try different things – if I ever switch careers again, I think I would work with animals. 

Who do you want to know better next? Let us know!

Event Update:

The Ring of the Inferno and Staff of Eruption being in the Abyss of Demons’ loot table was an error – they will not actually drop from the Chest, only the regularly dropping Scorchium Stone and Molten Mantle will. We apologize for the confusion this might have caused!

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