Realm Love in Pandemic Times

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Hello Lovey Dovey Realmers,

Today we bring you a different story. We wanted to pay homage to all the couples that met in game and to whom the Realm can be a place of spending time together, of sharing experiences and showing love to each other. 

And the story today is about two moderators of the official RotMG Discord Channel that you probably didn’t know were a couple: Tiffit, 20 years old, and Kuri (a.k.a. Textbook), 22 years old.

He came first to the Nexus: it’s been more than 8 years. She started playing 3 years ago. “I first got to know Tiffit when I became a moderator on the official RotMG Discord server in April of 2019. We soon found that we shared a lot of interests and quickly became friends”, explains Kuri about their first interactions.

“We found that we enjoyed spending time with each other and shared many interests as well as having very similar personalities. We started talking a lot more starting in March of 2020”, says Kuri, adding that the whole pandemic situation has been making it hard for them to be together in real life, with successive plans going to waste due to travel limitations. They live in the same timezone, but not close to each other, justifies Tiffit.  One is American and the other Canadian. Kuri completes the reasoning: “It can give us something to spend time together in, but overall video games can’t really completely fill that void”. Video calls help, Tiffit admits, but what they would really like is the possibility to be “actually together in real life”. 

But when did they actually start dating, you may ask? Tiffit answers: “We had feelings for each other for a while but were unsure if the other person shared the same feelings. In mid-April I finally shared that I had feelings for her and she said she had feelings for me”.

When they are together in the realm, they “often enjoy finding a sentry in the realm and doing a cult together or just doing random dungeons” they find in the realm.
What do you love about each other, I asked. They both agreed on the answer: “everything”. Kuri goes a bit further with the reply: “one thing we could say is how we find that it’s always fun to spend time with each other no matter what we are doing”.

And what about you? Do you know other Let us know in the reddit or realmeye comments.

And, inspired by Kuri and Tiffit, and because we do love you all, we wanted to also have a contest so that you can express your creativity.

Valentine’s #RealmLoveStories Contest

From Feb 5th to Feb 14th

1 – What do you have to do:

  • Create a Short story (e.g. if a RL couple, how they met etc.) – at least 500 chars, up to 2500 characters.
  • Confess your love/write a love letter – can be to another player in the game. At least 500 chars, up to 2500 characters.
  • Write a Rom-Com movie plot/scene – (The name of the character that speaks not included in the count. At least 500 chars, up to 2500 characters.

Note: all spaces are included in the char count!

2- Submission:

  • Submit via this form and share with the community on either Reddit or RealmEye.

3 – Rules:

  • No plagiarism
  • Keep it SFW
  • If you want to mention/address your literary piece to someone (via the real name of RotMG IGN), you must get that person’s consent beforehand. The literary piece will be public! The lack of such consent will be considered harassment!
  • Duplicate submissions will be disqualified. Only the first entry will be considered. (updated)
  • One submission per category
  • A player can submit to more than 1 category and is not necessary to submit to all. It’s up to them.
  • UGCs/Testers cannot participate since they will be on the voting panel.
  • The “Valentine” cannot have won in any of the categories (avoiding double/quadruple rewards).
  • You can win in several categories.
  • You can name the same person if you win in more than 1 category.
  • DECA Games can change these rules to clarify the purpose / spirit of the contest if found necessary.

4 –  Judging Criteria:

  • Originality 
  • Realm references
  • Correct usage of the English language

5 – Judges

  • Deca members
  • UGC and testers can freely vote if they want to.
  • Upvoting on RealmEye and Reddit – votes will be taken into account but not deciding.
  • A poll with the top 5 per category on Reddit and Realmeye to pick the community winner/s.

6 – Awards per category:

1st: 1000g + 1000g 

2nd: 700g + 700g

3rd: 500g + 500g

1x Soulful Affection each

1x Chocolate Bar each

1x Serenading Bard Skin

7 – The community poll winner will receive 500g and a Soulful Affection

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